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What’s new

What’s new?  I decided to bring all my blogs together under my own indepenently hosted domain name.  No more ads, malware, hacks or spam (hopefully).  My website is a work in progress, so please be patient whilst I figure out how the formatting works. They said it would be easy….liars!

I will only be posting here now and eventually I will be removing my previous sites.

I will continue to write the blogs you are familiar with whilst I’m visiting Bali.

I am also writing a collection of recollections – memories of Bali going back to 1986 to the present.  I will endeavour to portray what Bali was like back in the day, so you may appreciate how much things have changed.  For the better? Perhaps.

Please bookmark me or follow me so you can find me easily next time.

So why am I doing this? I want to be a professional writer.  If you enjoy my writing style, please spread the word with your friends as I need more exposure.

If you want to give me a job, then woohoo! – please contact me.