What’s New

What’s New

Back in 2014 I bought the Bagusbabe.com domain name & made a website for my Bali blogs. It was far from perfect as I am not very website building savvy. I picked a cheap web host to host my domain for 3 years.

Having lost my password to access my website last year, it sat sadly neglected while I posted my blog on Facebook. Then I got an email from my web host advising that my monthly fees were tripling at the end of my honeymoon phase.

Luckily for me I found another reputable web host who was having a Black Friday sale offering hosting for $1 a month for 36 months. Yes please! I went for the deal & commenced transferring my domain. I copied & pasted my blogs & took screenshots of my photos before the my old website closed.

So I have rejoined the blogging community, tackling WordPress which is somewhat more user friendly than a couple of years ago & here I am. Voila! (or Walla as I read on a Facebook post last week!)

I will be slowly adding blogs from the past & I will be adding my Bagusbabe does Britain blog in time too.

2019 has been a challenging year. I had both severely arthritic knees replaced, the second one dislocated involving more surgery, multiple rehab admissions (not for drugs, though they were pretty good), resignation from nursing, travelling & now job seeking. I have been challenged physically, mentally, emotionally & financially.

I am hoping 2020 brings less of these challenges & more joy & happiness.

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  1. welcome back. i for one look forward to many more posts from you. i really enjoyed the britain blogs, the photos were great. i hope your knees are recovering nicely. take care

    1. Thanks, Fran. I am still trying to work out how to format the blog properly. The menu is driving me nuts. It is a process. 🙂

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