Oct 2010. Getting Ready

Oct 2010. Getting Ready

Off to Bali in October, so avidly reading the Bali Travel Forum again for tips & info. I love this forum, though managed to control my daily addiction for over a year. Great to see so many familiar monikers still imparting words of wisdom.

First on the agenda – my list. I am a great believer in lists – they are invaluable to those in their 40s with short term memory loss such as myself. First on my list is my hairdryer – foolishly left at home on my trip in June last year. Yes, you may scoff but to the hair-proud, this was a crucial mistake on my part. Ladies – do not rely on hotel hairdryers unless you wish to miss both breakfast AND lunch! So little power or hot air. My hairdryer can short a small city when plugged in (which I did to Ubud in 1986 – oops!) so if any fellow travellers in Sanur lose power in early October, you will know I have arrived! My plan to tame my normally well-behaved hair which is apt to go wavy & feral in humidity is Bonacare conditioner. My hairdresser says that African American ladies use it to help tame their Afros, so I am quietly optimistic about this trip.

It has been 20 odd years since I stayed in Sanur, so I will be out of my comfort zone for a change. I’m after a slothful relax this trip. Can anyone recommend a good spa in Sanur? Will it strip my soon to be applied the day before I leave fake tan? (The world is not ready for the truly dazzling albino-ism of my legs, so I must preserve my tan at all costs, for the sake of others venturing outside without sunnies). I’d also appreciate any recommendations for a tanning salon in Sanur if such exists in case I fade before my freckles get a chance to join up.

Thankyou to all the contributors with your restaurant recommendations in Sanur. I’m an archive junkie again! I’m looking forward to eating my way through the list I have made. I have a quest to find the best Nasi Goreng, my fav, followed closely by a good spicy chicken satay. I’m also a sucker for an ice-cold pineapple juice too. Excuse me while I mop up my drool from my laptop. I’m salivating.

One of my favorite things about Bali apart from the smell of frangipani & clove ciggies is the wondrous food to be had. I can’t wait! I am also looking forward to meeting some new people, so if you see a shortish cuddly-sized lady with a beautifully coiffed sleek bob (if all goes to plan) please do stop me to admire my hair & say howdy or should it all go to hell in a hen basket, point me in the direction of the market so I can buy myself a large hat!

Starting to sandpaper my epidermis to prepare for my spray tan next Monday. Don’t want any freshly tanned skin cells floating off after the deed – I want this baby to stick fast. Hoping, praying & willing to make a small sacrifice under the next full moon to the goddess of suntans that I don’t go orange or patchy.

I had been putting this off, as you may relate. Tried on my swimsuit this morning, which hasn’t had an airing for nearly 12 months. Hmm, enough said. I suppose losing 20kgs in the next 10 days is a tad ambitious? Oh well, I don’t have to see the back view, now do I & if I remember not to do any duck dives, I shouldn’t offend anyone with my built-in floaties. So no throwing coins in the pool, people! Does Hardy’s sell pool noodles? I can sink up to my neck sitting on one of those – problem solved. What time does it get dark now? I can swim then. I like to have a plan.

Getting all my toiletries together on the dining room table. Only the essentials will be packed – those items that are absolutely vital in keeping me in tippy-top goddess condition. Luckily my dining setting seats 6.

Every year I forget something. Usually something fairly important & thus inconvenient, despite my penchant for lists. Last year I forgot to pack my round brush. Eek, you may justifiably exclaim. Absolutely vital to maintaining a straight bob when one’s hair is not straight, as is a decent hairdryer which I stupidly chose to leave at home. Thus my eek was quite long & peppered with expletives! I could not buy a round brush in Ubud so endured feral hair for DAYS…..!!!!!

Picked up my foreign currency today from Travelex. Somewhat peeved that I am forced to buy $250 worth of foreign currency when $50 would have sufficed. I’m sure I didn’t buy that much last year? Anyhow, that great wad of cash now resides into my now stretched-like-a-piano-accordion handbag. How uncomfortable it must be for a bloke to carry $250 in rupiah in his wallet! Can he even fold his wallet in half? Can he sit down with it in his back pocket without anatomical injury? Does he look like he has a tumorous growth on his buttock when he walks? Just wondered…

I always like to have my visa in USD & some rupiah handy as my flight over is a pink-eye flight, arriving at nearly 10 pm. Damn you Jetstar for your lousy flight times – my first day in Bali is a night! This is opposed to the red-eye/tan-fading overnight flight on my return, again a little winner! You can always tell when a Bali plane arrives at Melbourne airport. Aside from the sight of beaded braids (why, girls, why? Bo Derek is in a nursing home now, isn’t she? & poor Dudley 6ft under?) and daisies on their nails. The observant who are up at the crack of dawn & hanging around airports will notice hordes of young tweenies shivering in their shorts & singlet tops, desperate to show off their tanned goosebumps to their designated driver collectors at 8 am in the morning. I, of course have no need for this blatant display for attention. My tan rarely makes it onto the plane! Those who know me scoff when I return to Melbourne as pale as I left it, unconvinced that I went to Bali & not Tasmania. Nor are they convinced by the accumulation of an additional million freckles, which incidentally an unkind God has deemed that though they should go forth & multiply in the sun, they are NOT to join together to form a tan under any circumstances! *sigh*

I am also on the hunt today for some new clothes. I know Bali has a very relaxed dress code but I’m not at all keen for my built-in floaties being displayed in sleeveless garments. You may prefer the term tuckshop arms. Unfortunately, the workout I get lifting my hand luggage into the overhead locker is only sufficient to make me sore, not build muscles. Maybe if I did it 100 times on the flight over – I could start Jetstar aerobics! No longer be bored onboard! Get fit & fly packages! Maybe not – I doubt I could get up from my first squat with any dignity.

Alas, Bali is in sync with the rest of the world in under catering for the 14+ woman. We are a huge market (no pun intended) essentially untapped & would love nothing better than to come home with a suitcase full of new clothes that do not resemble a a colour-blind Hawaiian ukelele player’s Sunday best or a camp tent. I should clarify – I want clothes that I would be happy to be seen in when I get home. I do have a few past purchases in the back of my wardrobe labelled ‘what were you thinking!’, not donated to charity for the protection of the poor. Thus I must buy my summer wardrobe here before I leave. Even then, I don’t wear half of what I take but I like to have a bit of choice, and it is a woman’s lot to change three times a day when in Bali, isn’t it girls?

I have also had my new sunglasses changed to polarized bifocals so I no longer need to chop & change glasses in shops to read the fine print (aka price tags). Yes, I could have had the work done cheaper @ Optik Wherever, but I believe they send bifocals offshore & didn’t want to have to wait to lounge by the pool with a good book. Relax & sloth, remember.

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