Oct 2010. Day 1 to 3: Lazy is my middle name

Oct 2010. Day 1 to 3: Lazy is my middle name

I am now nicely settled into Villa Puri Ayu & charmed with my accommodation.  The hotel is located down a small lane at the southern end of Sanur off Jl Cemara. It is lovely & quiet and I have been fulfilling my promise of sloth & relaxation.  My room overlooks the smaller of the two hotel pools.  It is a little oasis with a massage bale in one corner.  I have come to consider the pool my own personal plunge pool because of

a) it’s proximity to my room and

b) there is never anyone in it, ergo I buzz it – it’s now mine.  

The curtained & cushioned bale beckons to be laid upon a la Cleopatra.  I can easily imagine myself reclining there being fanned with a palm frond & being fed strawberries. My fantasy, my choice of fruit.

The staff are very friendly here too.  There is something very reminiscent of Bali in the sound of a straw broom on cobblestones, as the gardening crew gather up the fallen foliage. It’s a crying shame to see all those fallen frangipani flowers getting swept up twice a day.  I’ve been ducking out & bringing them into my room.  They’re divine.  The cleaning staff have had to roust me out of my room a couple of times as I’ve had a little recline after breakfast.  They are very efficient & the room is left sparkling.  Not sure if the parting shot of air freshener in the room is a common cleaning practice or a comment on my cleanliness?

I’ve spent a bit of time in my room – once I get too hot outside, I have a little-old-lady lie down until I cool off. I am in love with my A/C.  It is quiet & very efficient.  Not like some, that sound like a hoon’s hotted up Commodore minus the muffler.  When I am not in a reline reading or watching a DVD, I can be found walking.  My first day I walked to Hardy’s – OMG I nearly needed resuscitation by the time I got there.  All those tooting taxis I knocked back, thinking I haven’t got much further to go. That Grand Hyatt property is humungous.  I am sure it took me a full 10 minutes just to walk it’s border.  I am also trying to get used to my first ever pair of bifocal sunnies.  I did not realise how often I look down when I walk.  Not a good idea with bifocals.  Very disconcerting.  I’m a bit nervous of accidentally falling into a hole in the footpath & being swept out to sea with the next rain.

Get to Hardy’s & stock up on munchies & drinks for the empty bar fridge.  And damn straight I got a taxi back, and made him drive me to the doorstep.  I discovered the next day that there is a mini-mart in the opposite direction from the lane entrance about 50m away. All that effort for nothing!  Live and learn. I am not liking these painful lessons.

Essentially I’ve done little but drag myself out of the hotel for meals.  I have been reading trip advisor & the forum for recommended restaurants.  For my first effort I went to CharMing. After walking all the way there, I was politely knocked back. Full. Bugger. Was I supposed to book? Yes. So I go across the road to Casa Luna. Hmm. Staff not very happy there. It is reflected in the food. Very ordinary. I did have a yummy cocktail though.  

Breakfast was a small buffet with an egg station at the café next to the big pool. There was the usual fare of fruit juice (tinned), cereal, some noodles, toast & some french pastries. I asked for a cheese omelette at the egg station. I skipped the tea & coffee because I hate coffee & rarely drink tea. It was nice to feel a sea breeze whist eating my brekky.

I had lunch at Donald’s on the beach.  The beach was at the end of the lane, through the side of some buildings. It felt an inch off trespassing. My meal was huge but average.  Note to self – take a hair tie if lunching at the beach, I kept eating my hair.  I was a little disconcerted about how far the chair sank in the sand when I first sat down too.  Saw an amusing sight while eating my nasi goreng.  A group of young bronzed beach boys were organising the removal of a speed boat from the water by way of a boat trailer.  The speed boat came from afar, lined up & sped up onto it without slowing down, a la James Bond.  I fully expected it to launch itself at the loud table of senior Germans in the next restaurant along. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking? There is something about plump elderly women in bikinis that is just wrong. Helloooo, ladies….we can SEE you!  We can SEE more of you than we want to see! 

I also ventured out on a long walk to Kasuma Cafe at Mertasari Beach.  It had been raining earlier, so the beach end of the lane was underwater.  The office staff offered to take me down there on the back of a motorbike, but myself & the law of Murphy are well acquainted & I didn’t fancy a mud bath, so I declined.  Instead, I walked through the Sanur Beach Hotel from the street down to the beach. Big hotel. Nice looking grounds.  I made my way along the beach path.  Passed the Mecure Hotel.  My, smells like something died there at the beach.  I didn’t like the look of it much, from what I could see.  Found the Kasuma – a rustic little cafe that does seafood well.  Again, the sinking of the chair in the sand.  Must make sure I get closer to the table next time before I sit down. I had garlic prawns, which came out in a stir fry with rice.  It was delicious, but wished there was more of it.

I am very taken with Cosmic Coladas.  I bought some Bali Moon Liqueurs today at Carrefour (thanks for the tip) @ Rp189,000 each.  Also got a couple of Olay Total Effects moisturiser, on special for Rp79,000 (again thanks for the tip).  Prior to my trip to Carrefour, I went to Discovery to Optik Melawai to indulge in my fetish for eyewear.  I dropped a small fortune on a gorgeous pair of titanium Hugo Boss semi rimless specs & paid a bit extra to have the better lenses from Jakarta put in.  I can’t believe how light they feel – like air.  I have been seriously annoyed with my current glasses leaving a ridge across the bridge of my nose. Tres not attractive!  I came down from my optic high with a thud when the young man assisting me enquired if I had finished working, & when I said I was not working but on holidays I realised he actually meant had I retired!  OK, so there is a cm of grey/white in my hairline, but jeez I’m not that bloody old! Young whippersnapper!  Popped into Bubba Gumps for lunch & consoled myself with not one, but two blueberry/strawberry smoothies.  Just in case I hadn’t noticed, it was pointed out by the waiter bringing it that this was my second one.  Thanks for that.  Another young whippersnapper! 

My legs were seriously getting sore from all the walking around.  I’m beginning to wonder if bringing my new Fitflop thongs to give my legs a work out while I walk was a good idea.  They are so comfy to walk in, very spongey & my feet feel great.  It’s just the pain that goes up my calfs & thighs to my hips that is getting to me on long outings.  Still, if my legs end up like Elle’s in 2 weeks I’ll be a very happy camper.

Tonight I ventured as far as Mezzanines, at The Santrian.  Very nice, attentive staff, few extras but a little on the expensive side.  I did indulge in a glass of Hatten’s dry white.  Not bad at all.  I am ashamed to say I was only able to eat half of my Toblerone chocolate mousse because it was so rich & I was full.  I had to try it though & take for the team. Delish.

Now, I’m sure those who have been following my sagas are wondering about my hair. Eh, I can’t be bothered blow drying it for 1/2 hour a day because that’s how long it took me day 1, post super-rich conditioner & products. So I’m letting it go feral – sort of looks like I have a grown out perm.  In keeping with my laid back hippie look, I have dispensed with (wait for it…..) make up too! Not even using mascara.  I am a wild thing!

More to come after I actually do something….

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