About Me

About Me

You’re here! Welcome to my website.

I am a woman of mystery with a preference for anonymity.  I am a single middle-aged woman who has been travelling to Bali since 1986 – yes, before some of you millennials were even born! I was considerably more sprightly back then.

I give you a glimpse inside my world – experiences through my love for the written word, enhanced with the occasional photograph. I take you with me on my travels, so you feel like you are there too.  What I observe is what you get to read about.

I have written about my adventures for years on Bali Travel Forum and my followers there often encouraged me to write a book. A book is too big an undertaking, plus I have lost some of my earlier work. So I decided to start an official blog. That too has been a steep learning curve. I have my very own domain. They say that blogging using WordPress is easy, but they lie.

I invite you to see Bali through my eyes. My hope is you find them amusing, insightful, inspiring & maybe that nudge you needed if you are nervous about travelling by yourself. If I can do it, so can you! So sit back and make yourself comfortable, grab a glass of wine and read on…..