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Day 8: Money Machine

I had a bad night last night. Up every couple of hours with revenge of the chilli. Not pleasant, but what can you do? Subsequently I didn’t wake up until nearly 7am, which if I hadn’t been up during the night would border on a sleep in!

Naturally there were already people at breakfast. No drama. I had scrambled eggs instead of an omelette this morning & the bacon looked cooked more to my liking under the cloches. It was hot already. What I thought was a cool breeze was actually a wall fan already turned on at 7:30am in the morning.

I went back to my room to prepare for a morning by the pool. No rain was forecast, so I was taking full advantage of it. I’d been beaten to the pool by some seniors and a couple of younger people too. My usual sun lounge was free, begging for me to take possession. I relaxed back & started writing on my iPad until I grew hot enough to have a swim. The boys at reception put the umbrella up for me after I failed in my attempt to do it myself. I grabbed a noodle and floated around contently for ages.
Back on my lounge I wrote some more. Lovely smells are wafting down from the restaurant, reminiscent of an Aussie BBQ. Time for lunch.

I return to my room & changed into shorts & a top before venturing out into the street. My cash flow has dwindled, so I need to visit an ATM. I decide to eat first, so revisit the Three Monkeys for some déjà vu food. Again I ordered my favourite pizza – spicy chicken with young green mango & it does not disappoint. I also appreciated the evaporative cooler fan that was pointed my way. Lovely. Before leaving I reacquainted myself with the carp pool. Poor beggars thought I’d come to feed them. Sorry!

I have been told that the ATMs outside Hardy’s Supermarket sometimes have skimmers & should be avoided. The Bank a bit further down the road is safer, apparently as it has a security guard. I found it. The bank was shut & there was no guard. The ATM was in a gloriously air conditioned cubicle & I was able to withdraw money easily enough. I knew that my card would be ejected last, so made sure I didn’t leave without it. A big black SUV had just reversed into the car park at the bank entrance. As I exited the ATM I nearly walked into a machine gun. A security guard or armoured guard was coming in as I was stepping out. I think I might have yelped as I have never been within a whisker of a gun, let alone a huge machine gun! The guard was young & laughed at my fright. He didn’t shoot me, for which I am very grateful. As I walked around him, I noticed that the black SUV had metal lattice work on the inside, so I think this is Bali’s version of Armaguard.

I crossed the road as my heart rate settled back to normal & walked the short distance to Hardy’s. I was remiss in not trying on my bathers before I came to Bali. Besides their vintage, they are too big in the bust & saggy at the bum. I’m hoping Hardy’s sell bathers. They do! In the stalls section at the front. I rumbled through a heap of tankinI tops but couldn’t see anything in my size. There were some in bigger sizes than what I needed. There was no sign of any stall attendant & I was dripping with sweat. It was hotter in here than outside. I don’t think I have the energy to try anything on & I can’t find any matching bottoms. I give up & enter the supermarket. At the cosmetic counter I ask if they sell Clearasil or pimple cream, pointing at my ever multiplying zits. No, try the pharmacy counter. I tried the pharmacy counter, even looking up the Indonesian word for pimples on iTranslate. I was shown BioOil, which will do jack shit for pimples & a tube of multipurpose medicated calendula cream. No thanks. It makes me itch. Try the cosmetic counter. I did already. They said come here. The shop assistant shrugged so I walked off. I grabbed a grocery basket & bought the few items on my list which I was able to find easily enough & went through the register & paid. There was still no one hanging around the bathers section, so I left. Outside a driving tout tried to get my business. Instead, I walked down to the road & flagged a taxi, who stopped so suddenly he nearly ended up with a motorcycle in his boot. I smiled apologetically at the motorcyclist as I climbed in. I don’t think he noticed, he was too busy beeping his horn. It was only a few minutes in the taxi to my hotel, but I was hot & tired & I’d nearly been shot, so I did not regret my 70 cent + tip extravagance.

Back in my room I stripped off my sweat soaked clothes & jumped into the shower. I washed my hair. Now I had a rake comb to run through it. I lay down on the bed in line with the AC & let my hair dry as it wanted – curly. I watched the movie Hidden Figures on my iPad, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

For dinner I went up the road to Warung Bali Bagus for the 3rd time. It wasn’t busy. A man sat at the bar with an acoustic guitar singing classics from the 60s. I ordered the Sate Lilitlanguan again. It was just as nice as last time. I finished off with another irresistible creme brûlée, again outstanding. I left to the tune of The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel. Another couple came in as I left, so he was no longer without an audience. As I walked back to my hotel I heard some fireworks coming from the beach, but couldn’t see any in the sky. The band could be heard at The Wicked Parrot – they were singing an Eagles classic. The lead singer had a good voice. Shame about the food there though.

Back in my room, I got ready for bed. I was grateful that my room is at the back of the property so I don’t hear street noise. I played on my iPad for awhile, read some more trashy romance & was soon tired enough to turn the light off, despite that fricken thing chirping/croaking outside my room. Shut up! And it did! She who must be obeyed!

Caio for now,


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