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Day 7: Tootsies and My Tootsies

I did not sleep very well. Up & down & a bit restless. According to the weather forecast, today is going to be mainly sunny. Yippee! Another pool day. As I’m getting ready for breakfast, I spot the spots. A bloody pimple fest on my chin & cheek. Are you kidding me? An influx of teen acne at my age! Not happy, Jan. Or should I say M? Luckily I bought some BB cream with me to cover the redness. But funnily enough I did not bring pimple cream!
I went to breakfast early, but I was not the first. I chose a more shaded table to avoid the glare of the rising sun from across the road. I’m happy with the quality of the food on offer here for breakfast & proceeded to eat my fill. It is better value & has more variety than Bumi Ayu, much as I love it there. In fact, the whole hotel is nicer & more intimate. I’m very happy with my choice.

The gardeners were out again sweeping up the fallen leaves & watering the shrubs lining the pathway to my room. Good mornings & sunny smiles ensued. I changed into my bathers & sarong, grabbed by towel & headed back to the pool.
Melly & Smokey were already reclining in their favourite lounges adding to their future illnesses by continuously basking in the sun. They should be on a spit roast. Another older lady was also extremely tanned & was heavily involved in reading a novel. After I settled on my usual sun lounge, another older couple arrived & sat on sun lounges adjacent to me, already partly in the sun. A few minutes later, they requested help from reception to put up their umbrella, which did not help much due to the early angle of the sun. I asked for my umbrella to be opened too, although I was still fully shaded by the building behind me. The couple decided to move & decamped to the pair of lounges on the other side of mine. I started writing & by the time I looked up next, the pool had been invaded by more senior citizens. I was the youngest there! And the pool noodles were all in use. I considered going back to my room & getting Noodle, with the sudden realisation that I’d forgotten to hang my please clean my room sign when I left. Damn. I was comfy, a senior couple got out of the pool & freed up 2 pool noodles so I stayed put. I was about to go in when I spotted an unwelcome sight in the pool. Rude man. He’d taken possession of the lounges vacated by the previous couple & put the umbrella down. Yeah, have some more sun.

I floated around in the pool with a pool noodle until I was cool again & fingers wrinkled. It was a wee bit crowded with a few people in it, so I needed to be aware of where I was so I didn’t drift into someone also aimlessly paddling. The houseboys were busy cleaning rooms & by the time I returned to mine at lunchtime, they were in the midst of cleaning mine. I sat on the patio & waited for them to finish. Busy little bees, they were.

I’d done some research online whilst by the pool & I was going to get a taxi to nearby Sindhu beach & have lunch on the foreshore at Tootsies. Once I was dressed & my swimwear hung out to dry, I grabbed my hat & bag & left the hotel. On the street I was able to flag a passing taxi easily. I’ve been very happy to see that every taxi driver I’ve used turned the meter on without me asking. I gave my destination & was advised I’d need to pay the 2000Rp parking fee if I wanted to get close to the beach. That was fine. I was driven as close as the driver could get & still be able to turn around. The end of the street was amass with parked motor bikes. I had to venture past some market stalls with pushy vendors trying to coax me into their shops. I kept shaking my head & kept walking. Once on the boardwalk, more vendors approached me. I kept walking. I know it’s their livelihood, but that behaviour does not appeal to me & puts me off going down this end of the beach much. I walked past Luhtu’s, which was packed with people. I arrived at Tootsies to a sea of black & white checked tablecloth-laden tables, nearly all vacant. Almost vacant. I chose a table well shaded by a tree & my chair instantly sinks six inches into the sand. Great! Now I felt like a child sitting at the grown up table.

A waitress took my order. I requested chicken sate. The sea breeze had picked up & the tablecloths danced wildly, threatening to fly off. The sky was blue & there were several yachts sailing out on the bay and some waves could be seen on the other side of the reef, breaking over it. Quite picturesque. More people arrived at the restaurant & saved several tablecloths from their quest for flight. My chicken sate arrived lying in rows above burning coals in a small terracotta clay trough. I could hear them sizzling. Accompanying it was a plate of moulded rice & a dish of sate sauce. The chicken was moist & tender & the sate sauce was delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The embers in the trough continued to burn red, fanned by the strong breeze. A pregnant looking street dog with teats almost to ground level settled herself down to sleep between the tables.

After settling my bill, I walked next door to Luhtu’s for dessert. All the tables on sand were occupied, so I took a table under an awning on the other side of the boardwalk. As I sat, a young black & white dog leapt over the back of the chair at the table next to me & curled up to sleep on the cushion. I ordered a coconut cream tart from the menu. When brought to my table, it resembled a lemon meringue pie. I cut into it & there was nothing creamy about this tart. The filling had the taste & consitency of a moist friand. Far from what I was expecting & very sweet. I should have gone with the banana cake.

I paid my bill and walked back up to the main road, as taxis do not routinely drive down here when they have to pay a parking fee. It was a hot walk as there was little shade. There were a couple of large hotels on the left side of the road & a few small cafès dotted along the right. It is a busy intersection here. I waited a good 10 minutes before a taxi came along. In the meantime, lots of traffic went past. The driver of a local bemo tried to offer his services. He had no passengers & was going in the wrong direction. His van looked like a rust bucket that was held together by duct tape. I’m guessing he doesn’t have air conditioning! He must have turned around further up the street because he cruised by for a second try. From the open door I could see there was more tape than there was vinyl on the bench seats inside. No thanks! Eventually a taxi pulled up & dropped me off at my hotel.

Lying on my bed, I again noticed that the nail polish from my pedicure looked dull. Whatever top coat used had not lasted – whether it was affected by my mosquito repellant spray, my sun screen spray or the chlorine from the pool I do not know. It looks like paint rather than nail polish. I think I’ll do some research to find a place that does shellac. Ah, The Nest does. I went there last year and had a mani-pedi & they were great. I sent them an enquiry via messenger & they replied they could take me at 4:30pm. Excellent! I filled my time reading until it was time to leave. My laundry arrived just before I left – all neatly washed & ironed. I didn’t have time to unpack it.

Out on the main street I easily hailed a taxi & had him drive straight ahead while I looked up the name of the street that leads down to the beach on Google Maps – Jalan Duyung. The Nest was down the southern end of the beach, near Coco Bistro. I’d learned my lesson that it was too far for this little black duck to walk. The taxi took me as close to the beach as possible – a large car park at the end of the street. I knew I needed to turn right & followed the boardwalk past many beachside restaurants & cafès until I arrived at The Nest. I was 10 minutes early, so I walked down onto the sand & took a panoramic photo of the beach & bay with its abundance of colourful outrigger canoes moored in the shallows.

The Nest was on the boardwalk, with floor to ceiling windows to take advantage of the wonderful vista at its doorstep. There were bench seats in front of the windows & opposite the path on the sand was a pair of rattan chairs if you chose to have a reflexology treatment outside. I sat on one of the bench seats & was offered a glass of water & a cold face washer. Gratefully accepted. I left my thongs by the door with a bunch of others & was led inside. There are 3 large armchairs sitting on an angle upon a raised platform, with a basin at the foot which could be covered with a padded cover.
I chose the colour shellac I wanted. My first pick had glitter in it – pass. I chose a metallic rose pink. Seated in an arm chair, my feet were bathed, the old polish removed & my feet pampered. A peppermint lotion was applied to my soles & each foot was wrapped up in a towel with the toes exposed. Cuticles creamed, massaged, trimmed & my nails filed. My ticklish toes showed their sensitivity again, to the amusement of the beautician. After the towels were removed, my heels & soles of my feet were filed to within an inch of their life. It tickled so much! Then my feet & calves were massaged with a peppermint scented cream. Delightful. My toes were meticulously painted & cured under UV light several times & topped with a shiny clear gel. I enjoyed watching people & dogs walk past the shopfront during my treatment & was very happy with the perfect end result. During my treatment, the beautician admired my SNS French polished nails, asking if they were gel. Exactly the same conversation I’d had with M at Koa, I recall. I must remember to tell my nail beautician at home that two Balinese beauticians had nail envy. When my treatment was finished I was offered a glass of water & some lime-mint sorbet. The sorbet was more like crushed ice, but nevertheless quite refreshing.

Back on the boardwalk, I decided to stay by the beach for an early dinner. I’d seen a few cafès that had sofas on the shore edge, but alas they were all occupied. I made my way up to Coco Bistro & even all their beanbags were taken. Bugger! I chose a table for two facing the sea. I ordered a pizza – a BBQ chicken one & a Diet Coke. I watched the antics of some children playing around a moored outrigger canoe & a few street dogs that did their rounds through the restaurants. Some looked well cared for, some looked emaciated, which was distressing to see. Whilst eating my food, the wait staff began removing the beanbags & coffee tables after their occupants departed & replacing them with tables for two. The sun was beginning to set, shining off the cliff face of an island in the distance & making the glass on a few charter boats sparkle. This side of the island faces east, so it excels in sunrises should you want to get up early. I did that once when staying at The Besakih Beach Hotel back in the olden days, the first time I stayed in Sanur. After dinner, dusk was falling & I spotted a few bats swooping around. Time to walk back to the main road before darkness falls & get a taxi to my hotel.

Back in my room, I am weary. I unpack my laundry, read for a while, watch an episode of House of Lies but my eyes keep closing. Lights out. Despite the noisy cricket or frog or whatever insect or amphibian that insists on serenading me every night, I’m asleep within minutes.

Caio for now,


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