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Day 5: Wet, Wet, Wet

I slept well again, read in bed for a while after I woke up & lost track of time. Not that it matters. I have no plans today other than spend it by the pool. So it was nearly 8am by the time I went down for breakfast. It was busy. I ate the same meal as yesterday as I read the last few pages of my trashy romance. I wouldn’t mind a rogue of my own someday. Sigh. A stray dog has wandered into the restaurant. He looks like a dirty husky. The security guard tries to shoo him out, only to have the dog take cover under a table in the outside area of the restaurant. The diners there quickly vacated while the guard tried rattling a chair to get him moving. I was keeping a close eye on the security guard to make sure he didn’t hurt it. The dog snarled & after several more failed attempts, took himself off through the main entrance back onto the road. No harm, no foul.

I go back to my room & change into my bathers & sarong, gather my towel airing on the perpetual bamboo towel rack on my patio, pop my room is ready for cleaning sign up & make my way poolside. Hang on a minute…is that rain? I feel a few drops on my arms, look down & see rain spots on the paving. Damn! I walk back to my room, remove the clean my room sign & unpack. The heavens open & a heavy downpour ensues. I take my phone & iPad out to the patio & settle in to write whilst I’m trapped. I notice several other guests have similar ideas. The man on the opposite corner is whistling Bolero as he reads. I’m transported momentarily back to the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer where Torvill & Dean skated to it for gold. Writing this, I couldn’t resist watching their routine again on YouTube. Fabulous. I loved those games, especially since I’d been to Lillehammer a few years before with Contiki Scandinavia. Memories…. Back to Bali now. The downpour has back off to steady rain, rather than torrential. There is no flooding, merely inconvenience. My plans are ruined! My spray tan will soon be gone & I’ll be back to Casper the friendly ghost in no time! I did achieve a lot of writing whilst imprisoned on my patio.

The rumbling of my tummy was the lunch bell. Time to seek sustenance. It was still raining, but fortunately there was a big umbrella in the wardrobe. Out on the patio, I opened the umbrella too far & it turned inside out. I struggled to get it back & one of the houseboys ran out from a room across the quadrangle to help. He quickly tamed the beast. I popped up the please clean my room sign before I left. I felt sorry for the cleaning staff today – too many guests still in their rooms. They’ll be finishing late.

I return to the nearby Pregina Warung, with their Balinese menu. There is only one other patron there – an elderly man, seated at the table I occupied the other night. After checking out the menu, I ordered the nasi campur. It was very good. It had a chicken satay skewer, shredded chicken with chilli mixed through it, green beans with a paste of some sort on it, some white fish, a piece of fried chicken, fried tempe in kecap manis, half a hard boiled egg with a red sauce on it, finely shredded grilled coconut & steamed rice in the centre. Yummy. While I was chowing down, I could hear the other patron complaining about his food. When he went to pay, he didn’t want to pay full price. I don’t know the circumstances, but he sounded rude. And European. Not that the two go hand in hand. After he left, a young girl took his table & proceeded to talk loudly on her phone. She was English. Where are everyone’s manners these days? So inconsiderate. The waitress didn’t return to my table. She and other staff were down the back talking & laughing. Again, not appropriate when there are customers present. In the end I got sick of waiting & I walked up to the register & she came scurrying from her hidey hole to attend to me.

It was still raining. I returned to the hotel, taking care not to take anyone’s eye out with the spokes from my umbrella. I had no plans, didn’t feel like shopping & certainly not touring anywhere in the rain. I walked past the deserted pool. It looked sad. Looks like I’ll have another quiet afternoon in my room. As I was a sloth in a previous life, lazing around is something I enjoy and somewhat of an expert. I watched another couple of episodes of Silent Witness & read my new trashy e-book. Heaven on a stick, made permissible by the rain. Because rain it did. All day. My peace & quiet was interrupted by a bellowing voice – a man sitting on his balcony on the 1st floor opposite was talking on his phone. Loudly. In a foreign language. Not just any man. It’s the rude man from lunch. So he’s an overall plonker, not just to wait staff. I felt like pelting him with something to get him to shut the f*ck up! Really!

Miracle of miracles, I did not need to build an ark to go out for dinner. The rain stopped. I walked up to an old favourite – Art Cafè. There were only 2 tables occupied. I took a table for 2 near the 1/2 wall & the cutlery opposite was quickly whisked away so I had no illusions whatsoever that I was dining alone. If they had left it I would look like I was stood up, perhaps? Two slices of complimentary toasted garlic baguette were presented & duly consumed. I ordered my favourites – citrus & ginger spritzer to drink & Chicken Kiev on a bed of mashed potato with baby green beans. Hello, Wicked Parrot….this is what mashed potato should taste like! The meal was extremely enjoyable. The occasional waft of sewerage smell coming from the property next door not so much! I did not feel like hanging around for another 20 minutes to wait for their molten chocolate lava cake to be made, yummy though I know it is. I rounded off my meal with their nougat parfait instead, naughty but nice.

The walk back to my hotel remained dry. The ever hopeful drivers still trying to tout for business every few metres. No & not tomorrow either. The was a particularly persistent one near the entrance to my hotel who holds a laminated map of Bali to thrust under my nose. Foiled by the hotel driveway, my man, as I successfully dodge his pitch by taking a sharp turn to the left. Hello to the security guard, who waves at the hotel entrance like a tv compere introducing a guest.

Back in my room I prepare my dirty clothes for the laundry. It’s ridiculously cheap. I’ll hand it in to reception in the morning & it will come back the following day. I got ready for bed, although it was still early. A movie, some reading and I was ready to go to sleep a few hours later. I did not hear any rain. I did hear that frog or whatever it is. Goodnight all.

Ciao for now,


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