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Day 14: Home Sweet Home

I slept poorly & woke way to early. I have a lot to do today, but first I will do some writing & posting before I contemplate going down for breakfast. I washed my hair & left it out for the time being. It’s getting so curly. As it happened, I believe I was first at the buffet this morning, as all the food looked undisturbed. I was disappointed there were no pancakes this morning. I returned to my new trashy romance novel as I ate in peace.

Back in my room, I lay on the bed & continued to read until it was time to get serious & start packing. I had tried yesterday to check in via Jetstar online, but it wasn’t allowed. I tried again this morning with the same result. In Bali airport you must queue, queue & queue some more. I plugged my phone & iPad in to recharge whilst I packed. I hauled my suitcase on the bed, with my pool towel under the wheels & emptied everything out. I placed Noodle back inside around 3 sides – I’ll bring it again next time. I was not very careful packing. Most things needed washing. The few items that were clean were laid out on top & tucked into corners. My suitcase only bulged out at the back side with Noodle. There was still room within & plenty of room in my cabin bag. I wasn’t worried about my luggage restrictions at all. I surveyed all the storage areas to make sure I packed everything I needed to. I looked at the telephone next to the bed for the first time & realised it had no extension numbers on it. I did not know what reception’s number was, so I could not request someone to help with my bags. So I locked them in my room

I locked the room & walked up to reception to advise them I was checking out. Could someone collect my luggage please? I handed in my pool towel & safety deposit box key. I had to pay for 2 meals I’d eaten in the restaurant. Reception didn’t have any change, so I charged the $17 to my credit card. They offered to ring a taxi for me, which arrived about 10 minutes later. To the airport please!

Traffic was busy on the bypass road. I found it was better for my blood pressure not to watch the traffic through the windscreen, as cars would change lanes & push in with only a second’s warning. There did not seem to be any method to it, just pull out & to hell with anyone inconvenienced. It was more peaceful watching goings-on from the rear passenger window. Corn on the cob seemed to be the produce of the day for sale at little stands on the side of the road. Some large buildings looked abandoned or had roller shutters down across the shopfronts. I did see an L.J. Hooker real estate sign advertising ‘over contract’ when I think they meant ‘under contract’. We also passed a few surf shop factory outlets advertising well known brands. Occasionally a hotel or restaurant caught my eye. The traffic became more congested the closer we got to the airport. Chaotic roundabouts confounded me. Who has right of way? Anyone, it seemed. We stopped at the parking booth to get a parking docket & turned left towards international departures. My fare was 125,000Rp. I gave the driver 150,000Rp & said keep the change. He acted like I’d given him a $100 tip, rather than $2.50. It wasn’t generous of me. Its only $2.50 – you can’t even buy a cup of coffee for that at home. It’s humbling realising how 25,000Rp might make someone’s life a little easier that day.

I declined the help of airport porters. Yes, I acknowledge they have to make a living too. Both my suitcase & cabin bag have 4 wheels each so are easy to manage. Just then my cabin luggage fell over onto its back. Oops! I walked into the building, took the travellator up the incline & headed towards the first security check. Showing my passport & ticket, I had to heave my luggage onto a conveyor belt for x-raying. I walked over to the departures board to see where Jetstar had their check-in. Row D. There is a cattle corral 4 lines deep already full. It took over 30 minutes to check-in, get my boarding pass & have my luggage weighed. Both very much under the limit, as I suspected. Over to a dumb process where someone at a desk checks to make sure you have a passport & a boarding pass. You have to queue of course. The queue was short, unlike last year when I queued forever. Customs was next. Again, my hand luggage was x-rayed. Overkill. There were 2 mazes of cattle corrals. I stood in the one with the shortest queue, however there was only one customs officer attending to this queue whereas the other queue had three. Doh!

After going through customs, the glitterati of expensive duty free & high end brand name shops abounded until the food court was reached. It was lunchtime, it had taken me an hour to get to where I was now. The food court looked like a glamourised Coles cafeteria. I’d eaten there in the past. It’s too awkward carrying a laden tray one handed whilst steering your cabin luggage with the other. I went around the corner to the Hard Rock Cafe & sat down with great relief. I ordered a chicken & bacon on toasted sourdough & a vanilla thick shake, taken by a very hip looking, bandanna wearing dude who spent his time on singing & dance moves near the entrance. I don’t think he put my order in properly, as I had to ask a waitress why my order was taking so long. How long does it take to make a sandwich? It came out shortly after my query, with a side of shoestring fries & tub of coleslaw. It was a generous sandwich, but not even close to earning its outrageous price tag. Same said about the shake. It did fill me up & gave me time to rest my legs & get my second wind.

Of course, our departure gate is at the arse end of the airport. Right next to where we arrived. Terrific. I didn’t rush, as I had plenty of time. I stopped in at the restrooms first before going into the departure lounge. This meant an inspection inside my cabin bag & handbag & a brief pat down. No concealed weapons or contraband were found.
Once inside the lounge, I sat down & decanted items I would need during the flight from my cabin bag into my voluminous handbag. Not long after we were called to start boarding. I am wise enough to join the queue that has the down escalator after passing through with my boarding pass and not the queue in front of the stairs. Been there, done that. One small win for me.

I’m on the right side of the plane this time, on the wing again. There is a middle aged couple already seated in the aisle seat & middle seat. A tall man in front of me thought my window seat was his & asked the couple if he could get in. I pointed to the aisle seat in the middle of the plane & said that’s yours, this is mine. He deflated. Cudos for trying mate. I excused myself to my fellow passengers & took my seat atop my folded seat belt. I shuffled my bag to the floor, unclipped my neck pillow & leant against the bulkhead. I had to remove the pillow – it was too hot. Our crew was Balinese again, our captain had a South African accent. The arrival of two late-comers – giggling teens or early twenty somethings who used the word ‘like’ as a comma drowned out any announcements made by the cabin crew. We taxied out to the start of the only runway – jutting out into the ocean & waited for another plane to land. It was 2:30pm. Finally it was out turn, we turned & took off down the bumpy runway at great speed & lifted off the earth. Clunk went the wheels being tucked up under my feet as we rose up into the clouds.

My meal was delivered within 40 mins after take off. A bit awkward. I had to close my iPad to eat. I had chicken with veggies & gravy, a sweet bread roll with butter & a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk. There was a sealed tub of water which I could not open. I stabbed it with my blunt plastic knife several times & lost several drops of my precious water. It wasn’t until I’d finished that I found a small spiked straw for my drink. Grr.
My meal tasted nicer than my meal on the flight out. The tray sat there for over an hour. They wouldn’t take it before or during drinks service. So I watched half of my movie with my iPad hand held & ungainly. I watched The Accountant, which though violent, was quite good – better than I expected even though I guessed some of the story line.

Once my tray table was my own again, I settled in more comfortably until the like teen in front like pushed her seat back like right in my lap. Like really! I did have to rustle quite frequently into the back pocket of her seat. Like how unfortunate!
Our flight to Melbourne took just over 5 hours an another 10 minutes to disembark. The automatic scanning of my passport was successful at customs. Luggage took ages to come onto the carousel, but mine was out fairly quickly once it did start. Another cattle corral to queue up in to hand in my declaration card, then exit, stage right.

I only waited just over a minute for the long term parking bus & was back to my car within 10 minutes. It was now 12:15am. There were roadworks upon roadworks and detours on the freeway. I didn’t know where I was, I just followed the signs & hoped I’d notice before I ended up in Geelong, Ballarat or Bendigo. More detours before the Domain tunnel & I nearly missed the dog-leg gap between the barriers to the Monash freeway. The detours added another half hour to my journey. I arrived home at 1:45. I’ll unpack tomorrow, pick up my dogs from the sitter tomorrow. Make that today. Later today, not tomorrow. Now was time for bed. Happiness is sleeping in your own bed again. Mmmmmmm.

I was very happy with my accommodation at Puri Sading Hotel in Sanur. I would very happily stay there again. It is not expensive & does not pretend to be something it is not. In my opinion, they delivered above what I was expecting. The mattress on my bed would have to be one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on. Others have been too hard & I’d wake up when I turned over. Not once did I wake up turning over this trip – only to the call of nature. Occasionally nature called loudly & urgently! Lol! XMy only complaint would be the low height of the toilet, which might be an issue if you’ve had a recent total hip replacement. I believe my quad muscles have had quite the workout!
I’d probably avoid the first group of rooms behind the restaurant, as they are closest to the road & reception & would be noisier. I had a deluxe garden view room on ground level that faced the two storey block of superior rooms at the back of the property. At least I think they are all superior. The staff are young, friendly, helpful & unobtrusive.
The hotel is diagonally opposite both The Wicked Parrot & The Village restaurants & within easy walking distance of many great restaurants as described previously in my blog. If I say it’s easy walking distance, by now you know that is so!

Thank you for joining me. Until my next adventure, stay tuned!

Ciao for now,


7 thoughts on “Day 14: Home Sweet Home

  1. Judith

    Awh, no, no, will miss your daily adventures. Have enjoyed your stories very much. Look forward to future tales; maybe some more reflections. Recognised Puri Sading as we have enjoyed several stays over the years. Cannot agree more with observations about height of dining chairs (let alone the discomfort of some), replacement of cutlery would be a good thing and water as we board the aircraft would be so considerate and helpful. The BTF ‘followers’ will be disappointed not sharing your postings but I see you’re still checking in with your advice regarding injections. Happy days with your dogs; they will be so pleased to see you. Until next time, stay well, stay happy, stay travelling.

    1. bagusbabe Post author

      Thanks Judith. I am still surprised that people like my ‘adventures’ when I do little more than eat, laze around, sleep, repeat.

      I decided after my trip last year that it was too time consuming posting on 3 different sites, so I took the plunge & got my own website. Setting everything up was not as easy as the Internet led me to believe! I’m still learning & this site is also a work in progress…

  2. Michelle

    Thank you Bagusbabe, enjoyed reading every day of your holiday. Love Sanur and Puri Sading have had several stays and have booked again for April. Will try a few of the restaurants you visited. Look forward to your next blog. Take care

  3. Julie Kynoch

    Sorry your trip has come to an end as l enjoy your blog so much. Look forward to more of the same on your next trip.

    I had a a feeling it might be Puri Sading too. I always stay across the road at Vila Shanti

  4. Fran

    i’ve just read your posts for this trip for the second time. the joys of having an aging memory made it most enjoyable. again. lol. i hope you are taking another trip soon

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