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Day 12: Ho-Hum

I slept well after feeling so tired yesterday. I had no plans today other than relax. Not much different from my plans for every other day except yesterday. I showered before breakfast, donned a sundress & made my way to the restaurant. I had a substantial breakfast, with only one other couple at the restaurant & returned to my room to change for the pool.

My bathers hadn’t fully dried from yesterday afternoon’s pool session. It didn’t matter, they’d soon dry out. My usual sun lounge was free because I was the only one at the pool. I lay back & wrote until I got hot enough & needed to cool off. Grabbing my choice of pool noodle, I got into the pool which was blissfully cool & floated around. A few more lounges were taken up by guests, including Mr Occasionally Civil, who was lying with a towel over his face in the sun. After an hour or so I got out and returned to my lounge. A houseboy put the umbrella up for me as the shade had shifted. I lay around until lunchtime, then returned to my room.

On my bed was a letter from management advising that ‘fogging’ would be done on the property from 6pm tonight, to control mosquitos. There was no cause for alarm, it said, because the chemicals used were approved by the Indonesian government. Somehow I did not find that reassurance very reassuring! I usually leave the hotel about that time, so I will be out of harm’s way. I changed back into my sundress & walked out of the hotel to catch a taxi. I’m going to Massimo’s. I know I said I’d never go there again after my chicken deep-pan incident several years ago, but I was in the mood for pizza and didn’t want to walk down to the beach. Massimo’s is on the main road, but further south. It was within walking distance of Villa Puri Ayu, where I had stayed in the past, but too far for me to walk from my current abode. Hence the taxi.
Haha! Autocorrect on my iPad is hilarious sometimes. It suggests I should be driving around in a taco, not a taxi! Lol.

Massimo’s looked deserted until I walked through the outdoor courtyard at the front into the restaurant proper. Inside are numerous tables with white table cloths & many lazily revolving ceiling fans. There was another table with customers. I was seated near the courtyard, but still inside, with the occasional breeze from a fan. As I have found in most restaurants in Bali, the seat is too low for the height of the table. I don’t understand their reasoning, as the Balinese are not a tall race as a rule. Perusing the menu, I definitely wanted a pizza. When one of the multitude of waitresses came over to take my order, I asked about the chicken on the deep pan pizza. Yes, still not real chicken – smoked. Yuk. I opted for a thin base with ham & mushrooms & a Diet Coke. When the pizza arrived, it was enormous but I’ve never let size put me off & made slow but steady inroads into demolishing it. I enjoyed it very much. It was truly delicious. The tomato base was excellent. I waited for a while to digest a little, continuing to read my trashy ebook romance on my phone. Then the waitress brought over the dessert menu. Massimo’s is well known for its gelato counter at street level. It does a roaring trade. I ordered a gelato dessert with fruit flavours. It came covered in whipped cream, some strawberry syrup, 3 flavours of gelato & pieces of watermelon, rock melon and apple decorating the outer rim. It too was yummy. The pig in me wanted to buy a cone on the way out, but I refrained. With effort! But truly, I was full to pussy’s bow.

I was able to hail a taxi with ease, asking him to stop at the ATM at the bank on the way back to my hotel. There was no machine gun toting armed guard this time, but there was a security guard at the bank door, who opened it for me while I waited for someone to finish their transaction. Flushed with a bit more cash, I hopped back in the taxi. OMG – Pepe Le Peu has visited. That short wait in the carpark was enough to stop any protective air flow circulating inside the taxi & I was greeted with another member of the I don’t wear deodorant club. Gag! A security guard stopped the traffic with his whistle so we could reverse out of the carpark & continue our journey, which was fortunately short & I could escape the assault to my olfactory senses in short order. Wow! Not pleasant peeps!

Back to some AC comfort to write for a bit. Once I had cooled down sufficiently, I thought I’d have another massage. I walked up to Carla’s spa again. Most of the massage ladies were seated outside. The spa looked empty, in stark contrast to the other day. The room where I’d had my massage was occupied I think, & I was taken upstairs. There were 2 rooms upstairs, one with a single table & the other with 2 tables, with a privacy curtain down the centre if needed. Both rooms had AC. I was directed into the double room, disrobed & climbed onto the table. This one had one of those round head pieces rather than a hole in the table for your head. Not quite as comfortable as I have a short neck, so couldn’t find a position of comfort. When M5 returned, she folded a hand towel & draped it around the head piece, so it acted as a sling for my forehead to rest in. I requested that she be gentle with my knees & upper arms, which she heeded. My massage was lovely. I heard another customer being shown into the other room. I chose to ignore the occasional waft of moth balls, which I noticed downstairs as well during my massage the other day. At one stage I heard some squeaking overhead, which I’m fairly certain was of the rodent variety. When it was time to roll over, I checked out the ceiling which though steeped, looked intact. There was no ceiling fan, nothing that could have made that noise other than a rat. As previously, I was washed down prior to turning over & again at the end. Again I was asked to sit up & my shoulders were given another minute or two of massaging until I was told the massage was finished. I dressed, tamped down my errant fringe & descended the stairs one by one. Again, 65,000Rp for the massage. As I left to retrieve my thongs from the rack at the front door, a crowd of massage staff were sitting outside, most eating their dinner. They called out thank you, come again as I left.

I cross the road & start walking in the direction of my hotel until a taxi toots it’s horn & I nod. I ask to be driven to Jalan Duyung, as I plan on eating at Soul in a Bowl again for dinner. My taxi smells fresh, the driver has good personal hygiene. The restaurant was quieter & again I was given a similar table for two as I’d been given previously. The wait staff are all different tonight. I had a young waitress who forgot to show me
the specials board. The beetroot chips & lentil dip were enough for an entree tonight after such a big lunch. Rather than battle with the concept of getting my preferred cut of chicken for their sticky chicken dish, I went for something different on the menu: Opor Ayam – slow braised chicken breast in Indonesian mixed spices & coconut milk served with sautéed vegetables & steamed rice. It was thick, tasty and delicious. I was unable to finish it, which is most unlike me. I read my eBooks to let my meal settle. I debated about having a dessert, but instead ordered a chocolate milkshake, which was an excellent choice. It was presented in a mason jar with a handle & bordered on more of thickshake than a milkshake. Yum yum.

Back on the street, I was able to get a taxi after a few minutes wait. The driver knew my hotel, popped the meter on & drove me there quickly. There was no evidence of the fogging having been performed. As a precaution, I had brought my laden towel rack indoors before I left earlier to avoid insecticide infiltrating my swimwear & towel. Funnily enough when I settled for bed after reading for some time, I did not hear that annoying loud noise tonight. Maybe it was some form of cricket or cicada and had its life snuffed by the fogging? RIP, oh noisy one. You will not be mourned.

Caio for now,


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