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Day 10: Feline Friend

I’d slept ok & woken up slightly later than normal – 6:30am. I could feel the promise of heat for the day when I opened my door this morning. 7:15 am & already warm & balmy.  Breakfast was busier than normal, I think some were paying customers from off the street. No mind. There was plenty of food for all. Pancakes again! Yummy.

Back in my room I sat out on the patio for to write. I was concentrating when someone said good morning on passing. I responded, looked up & it was Mr Rude! It was lucky I was seated! I will have to rename him. Mr Not So Rude? Mr Occasionally Civil? I went back to my muse & posted the day’s entry. It was quite warm on the patio, though fully shaded. There was no breeze today. Pool time!

At the pool, my usual sun lounge was vacant, so I settled there with all my stuff. Melly & Smokey were in their usual positions, slowly resembling a pair of dates. Dark & wrinkly. I asked reception to put the sun umbrella up, although I was still in shade. That way, if someone chooses to sit next to me the deed is already done & they’ll need to sunbake elsewhere. I began writing on my iPad until the heat got to me. I grabbed a pool noodle – the yellow one today, & got into the pool. There were different people in the poolside room today – we’re down two seniors. The new tenants were middle aged. I floated around aimlessly, accidentally towards the water feature, splashing my sunglasses with rebound water from the spout. After a thorough wrinkling, I got out to drip dry on my lounge. More people gathered around the pool, sun lounges becoming premium. A young early twenties something asked if the lounge next to me was taken. No, help yourself. He had a ?Nordic accent. He popped his belongings on half of the table between us, including a packet of Marlboro’s. Ew. Fortunately he waited until I was in the pool again before lighting up.

Floating, floating. I don’t know what I think about while I’m floating. Am I in a meditative state or just absent? It was lovely. When I had enough, I returned to my lounge & once I was dry enough, I packed up to return to my room to change. What did I feel like for lunch? For a moment I thought fondly of Bumi Ayu’s yummy burgers eaten poolside. As it is so hot, maybe I’ll stick around here. I walk up to the restaurant. The construction work at the rear of the car park is starting to take shape. It must be horrid working outdoors in this heat! I chose my favourite table in the restaurant. I’m their only customer. I don’t feel like local food, so choose garlic bread followed by their fish & chips. I recall reading a recommendation for the fish here. My garlic bread consisted of 3 pieces of toasted breadstick literally covered with minced garlic. At least a clove on each. Fortunately I love garlic. Unfortunately for any vampires considering feasting on me tonight!

Two new customers entered & settled two tables away just as my meal came out. It must have been a different fish dish others praised because my mine was not good. The fish was cut into thick triangles & crumbed. I think it was tuna, which I dislike & it was dry. My chips were crinkle cut & underdone in the centre. The tartare sauce was from a jar. Providence sent me a local cat that was lying stretched out under the adjacent table. He was a tortoiseshell mix, with the Siamese shaped face of local cats & tall wide ears. I threw him a little of my fish. He gobbled it down with feline glee. I pulled off more & dropped it a bit closer, hoping the waitress wasn’t watching me. That too disappeared in a flash. A meow & the cat was sitting near the table leg. He had vivid emerald green eyes with a smidge of blue around the edges. One eye looked a bit smaller that the other. Another meow. I offered a piece of fish in my fingers but he tried to bat it out of my hand rather than taking it. Ok, he doesn’t trust me. I dropped it at his feet. More meows. More fish given. He ate half my fish happily, I ate a quarter reluctantly. I was disappointed & not fully satisfied, but it was too hot to look for somewhere to eat. I signed my bill & returned to the blessed AC of my room.

My regular early afternoon lie down does not usually entail napping – more cooling down & chilling out. I jumped online & did some research on Bali Zoo & breakfast with the orangutans. Checked tomorrow’s weather – no rain forecast. Booked. Pick up from hotel at 7am, orangutans 8:30-10:30am then free time at the zoo. I’m looking forward to it. I then did some research into other massage recommendations in the area. I remember seeing Carla’s Spa near Warung Bali Bagus. I looked up their price menu & thought I’d try a walk-in before dinner. Next I watched a movie on my iPad.

I walked up to Carla’s spa just after 5pm. They looked busy. All the pedicure chairs were taken. Thongs at the door, I went in & asked if I could get a massage? Yes, please wait a few minutes, pointing to a seat. How long do you want? An hour? Ok. This was not a luxurious set up, but I’m not fussed on ambiance if my massage is good. A waiting couple were led upstairs. I was beckoned through a credenza-like curtain into a tiny cubicle separated on the right by frosted glass & a curtain between the next cubicle. I stripped down to my knickers & lay face down. The masseur M4 started by covering me with a sarong, climbing on the table & kneading me heavily into the padded table. Not pleasant. Then she moved the sarong down, my knickers down (gulp) & pulled the table away from the wall at my head. Impressive! I’m no lightweight & I could see no wheels on the table legs. She began massaging my back. It was heaven. After adding oil, even more heavenly. It was so relaxing. I didn’t mind the ambient noise on the other side of the glass – filling bowls with water, chatter from clients having their pedicures, the occasional comment from the lady in the next cubicle. Next came my legs & feet. That was good. She excused herself, coming back a minute later with a bowl of hot water, washing off the oil with the firm strokes of a face washer. Brilliant!

Then I had to roll over. Most of the front side massage was good, bar my knees & biceps – both a bit sore & therefore painful. I also asked her to leave doing my head, as she was tugging on my roots. M4 disappeared again, returning with the bowl & face washer. After wiping me down she asked me to sit up, then massaged my shoulders for another few minutes before finishing. That was a great massage! The cost? 65,000Rp, $6.50. This place is definitely on my radar now! I retrieved my thongs & started walking, looking for the Little Thai Warung for dinner.

I walked passed it, it’s so tiny. I realised once I reached The Majestic Marigold, turned around & paid closer attention. I found it, next door to Warung Bali Bagus. The Warung was only wide enough for tables for 2 down one side & tables for 4 down the other. I ordered chicken satay as an entree & then green chicken curry. The chicken satay tasted like Balinese ones, rather than Thai but still quite nice. The green curry was thin & watery, lacking the coconut & spicy punch I was used to. It was nice enough, but did not taste like Thai & did not have much substance, being a small serve. I was disappointed. The bill was cheap though.

I went into Warung Bali Bagus for dessert. Guess what? Creme brûlée again! Every mouthful superb as usual. The restaurant was quiet. The waitress stopped for a chat. Feeling replenished in both body & belly, I walked back to the hotel. A few doors away I spotted the cat from lunch. When I got back to the hotel there was the cat lying under a car in the carpark. A doppelgänger before then.

As I had to get up early tomorrow, I set my alarm & got ready for bed. I kept waking up, so I set the alarm on my Fitbit, just to make sure I didn’t sleep in. I guess my subconscious was reassured with that, because I fell asleep soon after.

Ciao for now,


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