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Day 8 – By the Beach

I woke up to another beautiful day.  A bird nearby is cooing & a rooster somewhere is crowing. I can also hear the occasional motorbike in the distance.

It’s Sunday. I’ve been here for a week already! What to do today? I might see if I can get my nails done somewhere. I shoot off an email to The Nest beachside spa to see if they have any appointments today or tomorrow, then get ready for my day.

Hair washed. I’ll leave it out until after breakfast so it can dry naturally. I don one of my tie-dyed sundresses & thongs (footwear) & go to the hotel restaurant via the pool where I stake my claim to a sun lounger.  Breakfast is the usual. The restaurant is busy. I have to sit at a table right up the front. Hunger satisfied, I say hello to the turtles empty handed again.
At reception I enquire whether my laundry has come back. No. Probably at 11am. I take some cash out of my safety deposit box & go back to my room. I am able to climb Everest one foot to a step this morning. Like a normal person. Can the glucosamine really make so much a difference? I’ll take it, whatever the reason. The houseboys are just finishing my room as I arrive back – they are early this morning.

I check my emails. The spa has responded. They can take me at 12:45 today. I check on Google maps exactly where they are again & take a screen shot to show the taxi driver. Then I head down to the pool to retrieve my towel. Someone else is welcome to my lounger today. Back in my room I sit on the balcony to write, but I am not in the mood. Instead I trawl the Internet to find out more about the nails I’m going to get. No filing of the nails I’m pleased to see & they are easily removed too. Excellent. I have woefully soft brittle nails with ridges. I can’t grow them long. I’ve had porcelain nails & gel nails in the past but became allergic to them. If that’s the case today, it’s not too tragic as the cost is 1/3 of what I’d have to pay at home. Suddenly it’s 11:45. Time has flown!

I walk up to the main road. The sun feels strong on my shoulders. I try a small money changer offering 9850rp to the Aussie dollar. The woman tries to bargain the advertised price down to 9500rp, claiming she has to pay taxes. Forget it. Pull the other one. I walk off. I hail a taxi after declining the offers of private transport, & show the driver the screenshot address. Then I ask if we can stop at the money changer opposite Hardy’s. No problem. Their rate is 9700rp & I’ve always had honest transactions there. He gives me a 1,000,000rp in 50s, the rest in 100s. My purse is bulging. My taxi is waiting for me as promised & we make our way to the beach, down an unfamiliar dead end street to a car park. I see a sign pointing to Nest 100m to the right.

I’m on the boardwalk by the beach, dotted with little cafès with outdoor tables & chairs on verandas above the sand. I’ll find The Nest first & then look for somewhere for a quick bite. I find it next door to Lilla Pantai. It’s 12:20pm. I go into the restaurant & after perusing their menu, settle on chilli fish & shrimp with rice. It was quite nice – the fish looked like salmon.  I scoffed the food & went next door to The Nest.

The Nest is a small shopfront with 3 lounging mani/pedi chairs & behind the mirrored wall is several curtained massage tables.  I’m asked to select the colour nail polish from the shellac section. I choose a fuchsia pink. I’m seated at the chair closest to the window.  At my feet is a round vinyl cushion. Under the cushion is a sink & tap. Quite ingenious. I’m having a new type of gel nails & a pedicure with the same polish. On reflection, having s pedicure when one has ticklish feet is a cross between delicious & torturous. It tickled. A lot. Up the other end I’m slightly twisted so my hands can be accessed by the other technician doing my nails. Most of my fingers need nail extensions glued on because they are too short.  My cuticles are sensitive. I’m not entirely happy with the shape, but no matter – she tried reshaping several times. I think she must be used to doing squared nails. My nails are narrow, except for my thumbs. They resemble big toes. You could transplant my thumb to my big toe if I lost one & no one would ever know. I don’t have a proper nail in my little toes – never have. So only 4 nails on each foot need doing. In and out of the UV nail thingy with my feet and my hands.
A mother & daughter come in for a treatment. She looks about 3 or 4 yo & is getting her toe nails painted. Several times, as she keeps smudging them.  People walk & cycle past on the boardwalk. A few times people stopped at the window to peer in, faces right up to the glass. Hello – we can see you! 2.5 hours later, my nails are finished. I think they are only supposed to take 90 minutes. I must have been a difficult customer. They offered me some sorbet at the end, but I declined.

I go for a little stroll along the boardwalk. There are a lot of dogs down here. Most of them look like street dogs. The pickings must be better down here. I decide to stop at a restaurant for a drink & a sit for a while. Yes, because I needed to sit after 2.5 hours in a chair! I’m at Coco Bistro. They have clear screens up to protect patrons from the sea breeze, which today is verging on wind. At the very front are low coffee tables with beanbags in pairs. Cool. I would have sat there myself if it weren’t for the dismount. I suspect it wouldn’t be elegant & I don’t fancy the spectacle with me centre stage. So I chose a table with a chair facing the sea. It was very pleasant watching the beach activities. Some people were swimming in the shallows, between moored boats & I could see people in the distance right up to the edge of the reef where the waves break. It must be low tide.  Someone is skimming across the water using a parachute. A menu is brought to me. I was in the mood for some garlic bread, but it’s not on the menu. They do wood fired pizzas here. The small ones look a good size. I order their chicken sambal matah pizza & a Diet Coke. The pizza crust was super thin but so tasty. I really enjoyed the pizza. I’d definitely have it again. Note to self. On my way to the loo I stop at the wood fire oven & compliment the chef.

Back out on the boardwalk, a few drops of rain give me pause. There is a very black cloud coming in from the sea. I double back to search for the laneway I came down from the carpark. I’m betting getting a taxi here is going to be chancy, so I walk up the road to the main road a flag a passing taxi easily. I did not get rained on, nor did it rain during the rest of the day.

After I got dropped off, I enquired about my laundry. Still not back yet. They will bring it up to my room.  Even though I did a bit of walking today, I was still able to ascend Everest with less difficulty & little pain. From henceforth, Everest is downgraded & will be named Kosiosko.  I hadn’t written much of my blog. There was a lot of swearing in the composure of because my nails kept hitting the wrong keys.  I’m also finding tasks I previously took for granted require a lot more care & attention. I nearly bent one nail back flushing the loo, the same again closing the balcony door. My laundry didn’t come until about 6:30pm. All present & accounted for & smells lovely.

I really cannot be bothered eating out so I go over to the hotel restaurant. Wheelie frame lady, another couple & a lady were having dinner together & called me over to join them.  A very lively conversation ensued between eating my Nasi Goreng, with much laughter. I reminded wheelie how we met – a gecko fell off the roof onto her arm & she flicked it off onto me & half my breakfast ended up on the floor. So funny!
One of the men ordered a banana pancake with vanilla icecream. It looked soo good & it tasted soo good as I ordered one too. Mmmmmm. So good.

I said farewell to the seniors & made my way back to my room. I started to watch the new season of Orange is the New Black. I started drifting off 1/2 way through the 2nd episode so went to bed, contacts safely out, mouth wash swished, teeth clean & all is well. Goodnight.

Ciao for now,


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