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The Countdown

So the countdown is on. I have 1 week to go before I fly out to Bali.

Busy researching new places to eat, shop & visit. That’s part of the fun, isn’t it? I may do it all or I may do nothing. What I do know is that I am going to enjoy myself.  My holiday has been a long time coming, it seems like forever. It’s so close I can taste it.

I am hoping for a better outcome when I go walking about now.  I have recently had PRP injections into both knees.  What is PRP?  PRP stands for platelet rich plasma.  My very own.  5mls of blood was taken from my arm, the tube spun in a centrifuge machine to divide the red blood cells from the white.  The red cells settle to the bottom of the tube & the clear serum is syphoned off to be injected.  I had several young doctors palpate my knees (ow!), had local anaesthetic injected into the inner side of the knee cap (also ow!) then an injection of the PRP into the joint. The ow! here deserves it’s own sentence.  It stung like hell, but only for a minute or two & not enough to make me cry.  I did yell a wee bit.
The left knee has more arthritis & was quite sore for 24 hours. My right knee was done a week ago. Aside from driving home in peak hour traffic in a semi reclined position, I’ve had no problems.  No pain.  The PRP is supposed to cause an inflammatory response, then help heal surrounding tissue & activate stem cells. It won’t grow me new knees but hopefully will reduce the pain from walking any great distance (>100 metres) & put off replacement surgery, preferably forever! So we shall have to wait & see how successful it has been. I am cautiously optimistic. It takes a few weeks to feel the effects.  Sometimes the treatment needs repeating once or twice. I can go back for more when I return from Bali. Happily, the treatment doesn’t cost me anything, which is my ideal price range!

My fur babies are booked in for a holiday with the pet sitter. They will be overjoyed to get a walk every day. They certainly aren’t getting one too often here! My Dougal turns 12 today. He’s had an eventful couple of weeks. And expensive couple of weeks. I’ve been to the vet three times to work out why he’s been sneezing so much. Ended up having an anaesthetic & his canine tooth removed a few days ago. It was rotten. Who knew that dog’s teeth are twice as long inside their gums than that exposed? Not me! An odd way to manifest. He is enjoying his soft diet of chicken mince while he heals, & Hamish is enjoying it along with him.

So I have been washing & trying on clothes. All my bathers have saggy bums & slightly droopy big bra cups. As my body is under construction – aka dieting, I’m not keen on spending mega bucks on a new pair of togs that I will outgrow. I wrote ‘may’ outgrow, but it is definitely a ‘will’ outgrow. I eat differently now and I’ve lost 10kgs over the last 2ish months. It will be part of my Bali adventure seeking compliant foods. My weight ballooned quickly after my last visit.  That chocolate lava cake at the Art Cafè in Sanur was a contributing factor, I’m the first to admit it. I do love food. How fortunate that it is a necessity for survival!

I treated myself for my 10kg weight loss with a Pure Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment on Friday. The title may be misconstrued – it has nothing to do with pubic hair.  I have grown my hair (on my head, just so we’re clear!) to almost waist length. I love it long. I find it easier to manage. As I have aged, my hair has become more curly. I was going to have the treatment done in Bali until I read that you have to keep your hair straight for 48 hours – no tying it back or getting it wet. What a pain in the arse! So I thought I’d have it done here. I asked my hairdresser if she’d do it for me.  She agreed & bought the stuff for me & our hair adventure began at 9:30am Friday morning. We were both Keratin Treatment virgins, plus this brand was different to the one I’d researched. I trusted in the universe that all would end well. The supposed 90 minute treatment took 3 hours. Part of that time was spent brushing out the massive dreadlocks that presented after washing all products & oils out of my hair several times. Yeah, that was fun if you like your hair plucked from your scalp one by one! Ouchies! We read & re-read the instructions together because it was going to be my fault if my hair fell out & I ended up bald. That was what I was told from minute one. Reassuring, hey? Well I didn’t end up bald. I ended up with wonderfully shiny silky straight hair that feels divine. And it looks longer than ever! I can wash it straight away if I want, curl it, style it, whatever. No restrictions like the other brand. Very happy with the result. So was my hairdresser. It will be interesting to see how curly my hair is after the next wash & how quick it will be to blow dry.

No Sunday morning sleep in for me today. I have to get up & seek out a pool noodle from somewhere! I’m determined to pack one this time so I can float about in the pool more with less effort.  Hopefully it will fit in my suitcase & won’t snap in the process. It is hard to get up – it’s cold & cloudy outside. It’s snuggly warm in bed with my iPad.
I’m looking forward to warmer weather big time!

Caio for now,


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  1. Anonymous

    oh hooray, how i look forward to your blog posts when you are in bali. i am leaving for bali on sunday. i am in lovina most of the time. i have curly hair and have considered the keratin treatment. i hope your knees continue to be better. enjoy your trip, as i know you will, and post lots. cheers, Fran

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