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Day 7: Dare I Say Dentist Again?

Today I woke up with clothes on my mind. I need to do laundry. Well, not me personally. I need to have laundry done. I bundle up my dirty clothes & tally the expected bill. Less than $6 for 17 pieces. Gladly. I drop off my laundry on the way to breakfast. And I go and mark my territory with my beach towel on a sun lounger by the pool.

Breakfast chosen is the same. Croissants with butter, a cheese omelette, fresh pineapple juice & black tea. The waiters know my room number now, quoting it to me. I keep meaning to save a little croissant for the turtles, but always seem to remember after I’ve eaten them, not before. I do stop by to say hello. I’m greeted with craning necks & then looks of reproach. Sorry lads.

Back in my room it’s a quick change into bathers & sarong,
a spray of SPF50 & mosquito repellant & I’m good to go.
By the pool, the loungers are only 1/2 taken as it’s only 9am.
I settle myself & begin writing from my notes. Thank God for the prompts as I forget so much otherwise. I do love me a list!

After a solid hour of writing, it’s time for a dip & noodle float. I meet more people in the pool & we chat about universal travel topics – hotels, shopping & food. I told one lady I was going to the dentist today & she asked me to grab one of their cards. Sure, no probs.

A good amount of time was spent in the pool, without my hat which is still in my room, forgotten. My part will get burnt again no doubt. I return to my lounger to lounge, read & write.
I have to be at the dentist by 2pm. For expediency’s sake I order lunch poolside – a cheese burger & Diet Coke. It was scrumptious. Every now & then I get a hankering for red meat. Maybe iron was calling me. They do a great burger at my hotel.

Back at my room I change for my dental visit. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I’m not at all fond of going to the dentist. But I am vain & thrifty enough to want a new smile at a good price. So I put on a brave face while lying there rigid.

A short walk to the main road & I manage to hail a taxi going in the wrong direction. He does a U-turn after I board. He knows the dentist, has put the meter on unasked & has not locked me in. Feeling safe! He’s not a talker, this driver. I’m more than happy to drive in silence. I prefer it, in fact. Contrary to what you might think, I’m not a big talker. We pass enough now familiar landmarks that I’m totally at ease. Passing all the plant nurseries I see quite a few fruit stalls out the front of them, selling watermelon. I try to get a passing photo of the shrine in the park, but the traffic started moving & I got a blurred pic of a motorbike rider & his passenger. Bugger!

We made better time today & my fare was slightly cheaper. Inside, there are plenty of people waiting. I only had to wait for 20 mins before my cosmetic dentist called me in.

We go over what I’d like again. She makes me smile, bite, smile & decides she can’t make my teeth longer like she’d planned. She can make my front teeth a bit less prominent. She said she’d start with a mock up to see if I like it. If I get any pain she’ll give me an injection. I said how about giving me the injection now because I know I’ll get pain. I can guarantee it. She laughs. I received 3 local anaesthetic injections, & it feels like I have a fat lip & nose. I told her so & she laughs at me again. I amuse her.
She does her stuff and makes the mock up. I’m happy. She’s happy. She calls in her technician & they have a conversation in Balinese. I had molds made again but I can’t remember at what stage. One of them I couldn’t get my mouth to open again. Again that was hilarious. I have to rinse. You know those plastic cups of water that you poke a straw through? That’s what I had to rinse with. I couldn’t get the water to suck up the straw. Then when I did manage to suck some up from the side of my mouth, I couldn’t get the water to stay in my mouth! Dribbling like a baby.

Now comes the fun bit – preparing my teeth for the veneers. The dental nurse is making a fine job of spraying water into my mouth & suctioning up debris. Plus a fine mist sprays over my face & up my nose. Constantly.

She finishes filing, drilling, preparing & I have to bite into another mold. This one is ghastly – it’s like a denture & the back of the plate is perilously close to my gag reflex.  I have to use every bit of self control not to swallow or that will send me off.

Now it’s time for the temporary veneers/fillings. OMG, the worst smelling plasticine-like stuff was molded to my upper teeth. It reeks like acetone & doesn’t taste too good either. My horror must have shown in my face because the dentist said she’s making my temporary fillings now because she can’t send me out looking like I do now, I’d scare people! Fabulous.
She shapes the teeth & has to drill back the ones further back until my bite feels comfortable. Well as comfortable as I can tell with part of my face numb!
She lets me look in the mirror at my temps. They don’t look too bad at all. She gives me some mouthwash to use 3 times a day & we’re done. I have to come back Thursday morning.

They call me a taxi. On the drive back to Sanur I realise that the road we took to come is not the same as the road we drive back. So there must be 2 roads with plant nurseries. This one comes out at the intersection at Sanur Plaza Suites on the highway. As we came back down the main road I made a mental note of where the pharmacy & the restaurant I’m going for dinner is.

I was about to return to my room when the lady who asked for the dentist’s business card hailed me – her room is at the base of Everest, to the right. I give her the card & we chat for a while about restaurants. I’m to give her a report on tonight’s choice when I next see her.

Back in my room I do a belly flop onto my bed. Then I remember my teeth, so jump back up & check them out in the bathroom mirror. The dentist took before shots on her phone. I should have done the same. I do find a couple of photos on my phone so do a selfie & a side by side comparison. I’m excited about getting my new smile, especially when I like the temps so much.

I’m off to Kentogan Restaurant tonight. I walk up to the main road & grab a taxi with ease. It’s actually closer than I thought, the meter hadn’t moved from the initial 7000rp (70c). I go into the pharmacy next door. I ask if they sell glucosamine. Yes. It’s 10% off. I look at the price – 610,000rp. What? $61?! Yes ma’am it is very expensive here. Too expensive! Wait, I have another one – 450,000Rp. Nope! There is this smaller bottle – 260,000Rp. I check the bottle, which also has condroitin. Ok. I get 10% off. I need some pain killers. She tries to sell me an anti-inflammatory similar to Celebrex. No way! Don’t you sell Ibuprofen? Yes. 220,000rp. These are 400mg capsules, so I’ll only need to take 1 each time. I check the packet – the price is printed on the packaging by the manufacturer. (Thanks for that tip, Trip Advisor). Ok. I pay & go next door to Kentogan.

Only one table full. The waiter tries to direct me to a table at the front. No thanks, I’ll sit over there where it is quieter. Next to a lotus pond & water feature. The waiter looks very young & earnest. He brings over the menu. I chose Lumpia & the Nasi Goreng. Their free wifi is great – it updated all 42 of my iPhone apps once I turned on my VPN so Apple thinks I’m in Melbourne.

That was one of the worst meals I’ve ever had in Bali. The spring rolls had an odd taste & came with a Mexican type sauce with beans in it! Ghastly!
The Nasi Goreng came with 2 lukewarm chicken satay sticks with no sauce that I could see. The fried chicken thigh was dry on the outside, begging for sauce. The fried egg was over cooked – the yolk hard, so no quasi sauce there. The rice itself had enough spice but was soooo dry & hardly any veggies/meat in it. I felt like Manu Fidel – where’s the sauce??!There were no condiments on the table – not even salt & pepper.

Some genius thought it was a great idea to put a pool table & table soccer in the restaurant, so I could hear cues hitting billiard balls all through dinner.
The waiter asked if I’d enjoyed my meal. No. The rice was too dry. He apologised & said he’d tell the chef. That was the last I heard of it. A different waiter brought my bill. I paid & left very disappointed.

It was easy to get a taxi back to the hotel. I called in to reception to ask if my laundry was back.  No, not yet. Back in my room I remembered to take some mouthwash – it’s thick & sticky & tastes like aniseed. I also took some ibuprofen & a glucosamine tablet. I was nervous about how much sensitivity my teeth might ha do. So far so good.

I read for a while & then go to bed. 10:30pm on a Saturday night. I’m a wild one!

Caio for now.


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  1. Dora Ingram

    What an exciting day you had. I can't wait to read about how you like your new smile. I know exactly what you mean about the awful smell of the temporary fillings and veneers. I can remember when I had teeth done, they smelled terrible. Thankfully the smell goes away and the beautiful smile I ended up with was worth it.

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