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Day 5: Pool Ponderings…

What a beautiful sunny day to wake up to. Not a cloud in the sky. I’m sore. My back hurts, I have pain in my knees.  Today I’m going to be smart. I’m going to bag myself a sun lounge & go directly to the pool from the restaurant after breakfast. That will save me a trip up & down the stairs (Everest).

Dressed in my bathers with a throw over the top, I descend Everest with my towels, pool noodle & bag. At the pool there are many sun loungers to choose from, except on the far side of the pool. MY lounger has been buzzed already. Damn. They must sneak out at dawn. I arrange my towels on a lounger already positioned beneath a raised beach umbrella. How convenient. I know to take the lounger on the left to protect me from the sun later.  I wrap my pool noodle in part of a towel in case a gust of wind sends it off for an adventure.

It was peak hour in the restaurant – all the tables were full as I have come down later than usual.  Fortunately a couple stand up to leave just as I arrive so I can take their table. I order croissants & a cheese omelette, which arrives in short order. No tea this morning, mindful I have my bathers on & don’t want a pee stop.

Hunger satisfied, I walk back down to the pool & settle myself on my sun lounger. Another guest is busy rearranging sun loungers in a row. She asks if the one to my right is free. Yes, take it. I remarked that you have to be quick to grab them. She said she’d gotten up later than usual & missed getting a shaded lounger. Pointed look. Oh, am I on your lounger? Sorry (not sorry).

The pool is half shaded. I can’t lay back on my back to type for long because it’s sore. I sit on the side hunched like Quasimodo & write, listen & observe. There is a young couple with the most gorgeous little girl, about 18 months old. She has a full set of smiling teeth & is not shy in flashing them. Her father throws her in the air & catches her just as her feet touch water. She is delighted with the game & shrieks & giggles. She looks around her to see who is watching her. I smile & she beams. She likes centre stage, this one.

The sky is so blue. No clouds. A black kite can be seen over the hotel rooftop. There is a strong breeze to keep it aloft. After a while, I start getting fidgety. I can’t remember everything I did yesterday & refer to my reminder notes. Time for a swim. I doff my throw, don my new hat & grab my pool noodle, which a swimmer points out matches my bathers, which of course it does. I am nothing if not a vision of chic as I walk around the pool carrying a long hot pink foam pipe!

I have to use the steps with the rail to get it, like an old granny. You’d think the hot weather would be good for my arthritis, not stabbing me in the knees at every opportunity. Some might say it is self inflicted by eating so many inflammatory foods here. Well some might just shut up, I’m on holiday. And the voice in my head can shut up too. I’ll eat normally when I go home.

As I approached the steps, wheelie-frame lady stopped me & asked if I stayed here last year. Yes, but sorry, I can’t remember your name. She laughed & said she’d been wracking her brain & her husband’s the last couple of days trying to remember mine. Snap! She remembered I was from Melbourne & which room I had. We chatted briefly as the soles of my feet started frying on the stone pavers. I had to excuse myself before the smell of BBQ feet became more of a reality than my imagination. No they did not steam as I stepped into the pool. But in my mind they did. Ahhhhhh!

It takes some contortioning to arrange my hot pink pool noodle from under my arms to sitting on it in a U-shape. I nearly went A-over-T & nearly lost my new hat. I floated around, chatted here & there to others floating under their own steam. The sun was getting hotter but there was still a breeze to take the edge off. It’s a hard life! Pool floating, mind floating off.

Thoroughly waterlogged, I climb out & walk back to my lounger. The pavers are really hot. I move my thongs (footwear) out of the sun & finish writing my blog. It doesn’t take long for me to dry off & get hot again, so I get my colour co-ordinated self back into the pool for some more noodle floatation therapy.

It’s about lunchtime now & I’m getting peckish. I figure it’s around noon. My phone confirms it. I pack up my things, don my thongs (footwear) & gather up the noodle. From the corner of my eye I see that the furniture arranger from this morning is half shaded by a tree & half in the sun. She’ll be happy to see the back of me. She’s welcome to my lounger now.

After a quick shower & hanging out of wet towels, I lay down down for 5 minutes which turns into 45 when I accidentally close my eyes & have a snooze.
Still hungry, I venture down Everest seeking sustenance.

I have decided to have lunch on the porch. At The Porch. The lunchtime rush is over & only a few patrons remain. On the porch in The Porch, I take a seat & decide on their Nasi Goreng with chicken & prawns after reading their menu from front to back. It was quite delicious & I enjoyed every morsel. Unfortunately a couple of men came in & took the table in front of mine & lit up cigars. Cigars! Rude much?  Of course the noxious fumes are blowing my way. It put paid to any lingering I might have considered, so I paid the bill & left. My hair stinks now. There are too many smokers in Bali!

I walk back to the hotel. I’m so tired. Everest is taller than the moon. I wish I had a rocket ship. I’d settle for one of those automated seats that go up & down the bannister. I struggle upward, enter my room & flop on the bed. I’m an expert bed flopperer. My bed creaks dreadfully at the abuse. I’m asleep soon after. I don’t know where all this weariness has come from. Maybe I’m just getting old? But I thought the elderly run on less sleep? Too much sun & too big a meal? Whatever. I was in the land of nod for quite some time.

I did waken eventually. It’s dusk. I contemplate ordering a meal delivery. Is it rude to get food delivered from a restaurant when your hotel has a restaurant? I’m unsure of the etiquette. I look up a couple of restaurants & decided it’s all too hard. Checking in the mirror that my hair does not resemble Cruella De Ville first, I descend to the ground floor & walk gingerly to the restaurant. Damn my knees are sore.

It seems they are having a quiet night. Even the regulars aren’t here. I’m all on my own. Ordering from elsewhere would be rubbing salt in the wound, surely? I’m glad I didn’t do that. Tonight I feel like Western food & order a chicken parmagiana with veggies. I received the Balinese version. Slightly NQR, but near enough. They’ve tried & I appreciate the effort & eat it. I bill it to my room.

Speaking of which, I’m back in it. The wind has picked up again but it hasn’t rained. I can’t tell if it’s cloudy.
I watch one of my new DVDs – Love & Friendship. Hmmm. Not good. Not atrocious, but not good. I’m a big fan of Jane Austen, but it didn’t seem like her work.
The nightly fireworks go off again – they sound closer tonight. Maybe it’s the wind! The local dogs in the neighbourhood take exception, barking crossly. One close by barked incessantly for nearly an hour. I need to get that movie out of my brain so I watch a tv show & do some more internet research on cosmetic dentistry before calling it a night.

Caio for now,


Ps: autocorrect is calling me Vagus babe today. It really does not like the word Bagus.

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