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Day 4 -Discovery Dodgems

I slept really well, but my back has been sore each morning as I waken. Possibly I’m lying around too much, but that’s not going to change anytime soon. Lolling about is my favourite pastime, up there with eating. I love eating. The food here is fabulous & so cheap.

I draw the curtains, & loll about in bed for a bit. The resident balcony cat jumped the balcony wall not long after & strolled nonchalantly past the window. He is short-haired, predominantly white with a few tortoise-shell patches. He did not even glance my way. Must have been on a mission.

I discovered that I forgot to pack a razor this morning. I know I got it out to pack. I expect I’ll see it sitting on the bathroom vanity when I get home. I pop a note on my shopping list app. I need fly spray – I spotted a couple of mozzies in the room last night.

Today I thought I’d mix things up. I’m going to go out for breakfast.  There is a popular warung a few minutes walk down the road.  I’ve dined there for lunch a couple of times in the past & found their food offerings less amazing than their reviews. But I noticed last time I walked past that they do breakfast.

Someone lit up inside the warung & smoke wafted my way. If there is one thing that drives me crazy in Bali, it’s smokers in restaurants. Smokers are everywhere here & can smoke wherever they like, oblivious to the stench they leave in their wake. I digress. I chose their big breakfast – eggs, bacon, toast, mushroom, potato, baked beans & green side salad. The toast was bread, without colour. The bacon fat was still opaque, so as far as I’m concerned, not cooked. And the bacon lay between the so-called ‘toast’ and the scrambled eggs. So if my toast started out crunchy, which I highly doubt, the bacon fat would have put paid to that. The mushrooms were previously homes to fairies, so teenie tiny & few as were the potatoes. The green salad was one small lettuce leaf with a slice of tomato.  The mushrooms, potato & green side salad were garnishes, not sides. The baked beans came in their own little dish, but they may as well have served them still in the can, I was so unimpressed. I ate the eggs & mushroom. That’s it. The waitress showed no concern for my predominantly uneaten meal & took the plate away unquestioned. Three strikes & you are out! I’ll not be back.

Back to my hotel, up Everest & out on the balcony to write in the breeze. Chirping birds join me in the palm tops. I didn’t realise they flower – palms, not birds. I could see yellow berry-like fronds amongst the foliage.  I was still on the balcony when the houseboys came, and still there when they left. I didn’t know they’d gone, as no one mopped the balcony tiles this morning. Tsk, tsk.

Lying on my bed, I did some internet research on things to do in Bali that
1. I haven’t done before
2. Involved no walking, paddling, pedalling, standing or getting killed
3. That peaks my interest
One activity that caught my eye was eBike Tours. A push bike with a small motor that choofs you up hills. On reading the reviews, a few people had fallen off them & the idea of having a bike seat to sit on for several hours lost its appeal.  I’m beginning to think I’d be better off face down on a massage table. Time to research spas! As usual, time passed quickly while I was immersed in the www & it was suddenly lunchtime.

After my disappointing breakfast, I decide to go to the Three Monkeys for lunch, & set off in my slightly-less-gaudy-than-my-pink-pair turquoise with orange trim Skechers. And clothes of course. I stop at the front desk to get some money from my safety deposit box & add thongs to my shopping list app. Oh, and a hat.

At the Three Monkeys restaurant, I choose a table in the outside shaded area, dotted with white rattan tables & chairs. A waitress brings over a menu which is not needed. I check to see if my old favourites are still there. Of course they are. I’ll have the mixed berry granita to drink & an Ayam Sisit pizza – spicy grilled chicken with sambal & green mango. Ok, which excuse shall I give now for eating off plan? How about this pizza is to die for, yummilicious & I’m having it? That’s all I could come up with.  Fleeting guilt, but tastes soooo good. My selections lived up to their promise. I’m full as a goog.

Back out on the road, I wait to hail a taxi. Suddenly they are few & far between. Typical.  Feast or famine. Finally I spot one & wave. I ask to go to Discovery Plaza in Tuban.  My driver looks about 12yo & is channeling Sebastian Vettel. We zip & weave our way down the highway, already busy with traffic. We go down a side street near Kuta & make slow progress before we can turn into a bigger thoroughfare. Eventually we come out near the Ramayana & I have my bearings at last. He drops me off outside Soyo at Discovery. I’m on a mission. I want new glasses. Titanium preferably. I try the 3 optical shops but don’t like their selection.  I find the money changer & change my cash into rupiah, pop into the nearby DVD shop to see if they have the anime DVD my brother requested. Nope. I do end up buying another 5 for me though.

I do a quick circuit of Centro department store after climbing the inactive escalator. I purchase my favourite Clinique mascara for $10 less than home.  I look at the thongs (footwear) in the sports shops – the prices are outrageous! No better than home. I check out the Skechers shop which is empty of customers. Why? Their prices are also the same as home. No thanks.  I find some potential thongs on a rack next to the working escalator & try some on. Spongy with soft rubber straps. $4.90 each. Perfect. I buy 3 pairs in different colours. At the register I see some hats on display & purchase a soft cotton one in a green misty batik pattern. It’s reversible. Also batik but a different pattern in greens & browns.

I’m over shopping. I doubt I’ve been here an hour but I’m over it. As I come out onto the street I am accosted by a driver who wants to bargain for a fare. I’m not interested but he won’t leave me alone. I catch the eye of a taxi driver sitting at a standstill a few metres away in the traffic & he manoeuvres across into the driveway to collect me. In the meantime, the other driver continues to bargain with himself, as I am not participating. I’m in! We’re off. The traffic is slow through Kartika Plaza but picks up. Soon we are back on the highway. Bugger! I was going to go to Dolphin Leather but I forgot. Meh. I might go after my dental visit on Friday. Speaking of dental visits, my tooth & surrounds are quite tender with its temporary filling. It’s sore to chew on that side. I hope my crown works out well. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the visit.

I ask the taxi to drop me off at Hardy’s. I have to leave my shopping at a stand out the front. Inside the supermarket, I purchase a razor, fly spray, some shampoo & conditioner & Coke Zero cans.  I remembered to pick up my previous shopping, mainly because I dared not let my numbered docket out of my hand. It worked. Outside on the road I again had to wait until a free taxi went past. Bingo. I did not need to give the driver precise guidance to get back to my hotel. He knew where it was. Earned himself a big tip.

Everest (sigh). I’m stuffed. I consider going up sliding on my bum, but someone might see me being pathetic. Deep breath. Up I slowly go. Onto my bed I flop, in the path of blissful AC. Ah, lovely. After a few recovery minutes, I take my drinks into the kitchenette & reciprocally startle the gecko. He runs under the sink. I nearly drop a can on the floor.

I relax for an hour or so & check out some online menus of locally eateries. I can’t be bothered going out. Instead I go to the hotel restaurant, ensuring adequate lighting is turned on before I leave.  I have one of my new pairs of thongs (footwear) on. Comfy. There are a few people here. I order the lumpia again & some onion soup.  I was thinking the onion soup would be like French onion….nope. It was more a pale cream base. I couldn’t finish it, I was too full.

Back to my room for more R&R before bed.

Caio for now,


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