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Day 3: Dental Dramas

I woke a few minutes before a torrential downpour. The heavens opened & spewed water violently downwards. But only for about 10 minutes. Then the sun came out between the clouds.

OMG, I have been invaded by freckles overnight! They’re everywhere. They mocked my SPF 50 sunscreen. It’s not enough that my skin is lily-white. Now I’m like a speckled chook egg! Lovely.  A quick trip to the mirror reveals a very red scalp shining brazenly through my hair, red nose & cheeks & a red spot that looks suspiciously like a mozzie bite near my nose. Terrific! I know we women adore how beautiful we look first thing in the morning, but this is simply icing on the cake.  My crows feet bruises are not as obvious – a slight ray of sunshine on my morning. I realise then that I have my contacts in – I’d slept with them. Maybe a slightly out of focus vision of myself in the mornings is not such a bad thing!

Into the enormous shower & I’m squeaky clean in short order. I’ve wet my hair & added the daily smoothing serum, which I suspect is just oil. I’m leaving my hair au naturale again. The hair dryer emits air with the force of an asthmatic. I clean my contacts & pop them back in my slightly bloodshot eyes. I’m in shorts and singlet top today. I try pmy new thongs (footwear, not underwear) again hopefully & wear them down to breakfast. I have created a new form of torture for my feet. Because of the rain, there is a mat on the steps into the hotel restaurant with an array of shoes, sandals & thongs at its base. The patrons within are barefoot. Thank you universe, I acknowledge as I shed the instruments of torment from my feet.
I have breakfast, however there are only 2 butters to have with my croissants & not enough for my tea. I drink my tea black & unbuttered, sign my breakfast docket & walk gingerly back to my room. I removed the thongs for my Everest ascension & once indoors throw them in the back of the wardrobe where they will be accidentally left behind when I check out. Then I make myself a cup of buttery tea.

The birds are very chirpy this morning – they must have enjoyed the rain earlier. I go out onto the balcony with my iPad & write my blog in chirpy peace.  The houseboy knocks on the door half an hour in to clean my room. I’m not disturbed until it’s time to mop under my chair. Blog done & dusted. I have to pair my iPad with my iPhone because the wifi is so temperamental here to post my blog online. I check my emails & Facebook. Feeling lazy. It’s intermittently overcast, so I decide I’ll read for a while rather than risk a drenching by the pool.

10 days ago I made an appointment with a well documented dentist place for 2pm this afternoon. At 1:30pm I walk up to the main road & hail a taxi – a Bluebird as it happens. I show the driver the address, which he fortunately recognises. The journey took us down roads I have not frequented before, to my knowledge. One was lined with dozens of plant nurseries. The contrasts in foliage, flowers, pot heights, shrubs & trees were delightful & artfully displayed, beckoning exploration. Then we passed a big park with a huge monument. I asked the driver what it was – Bajra Sandhi Monument, which for your reading pleasure I looked up online later in the day. It is a monument to the struggles of the Balinese people throughout history & is designed in a rectangular shape following the architectural principles of the Tri Mandala. Were it not for the many steps mentioned, I’d come back for a closer look.  The streets are becoming grander, tree-lined with majestic government & big business buildings, reminding me a little of St Kilda Road in Melbourne.

We reach our destination. The dentist looks unassuming from the outside, almost enclosed by a dozen parked motorbikes. I open the door & there are people everywhere. At reception I introduce myself for my 2pm appointment. I’m given a new patient form to fill in which I did. Then the receptionist went on to explain that they were very busy today, having had lots of walk-ins & there would be a 2 hour wait. What? 2 hours? Are you kidding me? I manned my assertive mantle (aka look out, she’s pissed off!) & ask what was the point of making an appointment if it means nothing? She suggested I leave & go shopping & come back. I suggested she was out of her mind, as I don’t know where I am exactly. I asked why I couldn’t have been advised of this wait by email so I could spend it in the comfort of my hotel? Though I was not rude or aggressive, she scuttled away to see what she could do, possibly recognising I was not going to back down.  She came back to say all the dentist rooms were taken, would I have a seat & she’ll try and fit me in. As I sat, another Aussie lady came in & said she had an appointment at 2pm & was also given the spiel.

After a half hour wait, I was taken across the road to their other premises & taken upstairs to a dental room. My teeth were examined, a new cavity found beside my front tooth, not picked up by the OPG I had 2 months ago.  My broken tooth with a root canal was examined & it was suggested that the decay be removed & a crown with a post used as some of the structure of the tooth was missing.  It would cost $400 for the crown & $50 for the post. I asked about veneers & was advised that my teeth are healthy, the grinding down for fitting them can cause increased sensitivity & worse case scenario lead to root canal treatment. Shit! My teeth are already sensitive. Plus I would need 10. I thought I’d only need 6. Shit! I can’t afford $5000, as much as I’d love to have a better smile. What about teeth whitening? Not recommended, as I have 2 front fillings near the gum line that match my existing colour. They won’t bleach whilst the rest of my teeth will. Not a good look having a patchwork smile. Shit! I can’t tell you how disappointed I felt. She recommended I have a scale & clean too. $60.

Next I was taken back downstairs, sat for less than 5 minutes then taken into a dental room on the ground floor. An X-ray was taken & the left over filling drilled out. Because it was a root canal tooth, no anaesthetic was required. Not much explanation was given by this dentist so I was rather tense during the procedure., as I never knew if was  a small drill or the heavy duty drilling for oil one was coming. So much so that at the end, 2 of my fingers and the side of my right hand had gone numb. A temporary filling was made, which fell out when bumped with the scaler thingy when my teeth were being cleaned. It was promptly glued back in. The scaling was unpleasant, as way more thorough than my dentist did at home & several times I leapt when it was too painful on my sensitive teeth. I have to return on Friday morning for my crown.

As I came out to pay (in full) I asked if I could hail a cab easily outside. No, we’ll ring one for you. While I sat waiting for it, the lady who had also had an appointment at 2pm like me still hadn’t been seen & said she was sick of waiting & was leaving. Assertiveness wins! My taxi arrives & off back to Sanur in semi-peak hour we go. My driver knew my hotel, so no directions were required.

As I hadn’t eaten lunch, I was quite ravenous by the time I got back to my room. I know it is purely emotional eating, but I want pizza tonight. Damn you Google Maps for sending me in the wrong direction looking for the restaurant I wanted. It says The Village restaurant is left, when it was actually right, forcing me to double back. I had a salami & mushroom pizza & a glass of NZ sav blanc. Both were very nice, if naughty. I even looked at the dessert menu, but managed to restrain myself. Only just.

Feeling weary, I walk back to the hotel only to find Everest in darkness. I had forgotten to turn on the corridor light before I left. Oh, how I loathe you, Everest. You make the end of every journey painful & tonight a bit dangerous. I do not want to fall to base camp! It is a slow & cautious ascent to my room tonight, topped off with trying to open the door with the key in the dark. I had remembered to leave the hall light on.

While I was eating my pizza tonight, I remembered that I hadn’t taken any Travelan so far. A search of my medications & just-in-case supplies was not fruitful. I’ve left them at home. Doh.

So what have I learned today? That there are obvious red flags to me having porcelain veneers. Do I ignore them & put myself in more debt? Risk having even more sensitive teeth? I don’t think so.  Maybe composite veneers are the answer? I’ll ask on Friday.

It’s not late, so I watch my iPad to shows for awhile. The wind has picked up. My bedroom curtains are moving on their own. I check that the the towel rack with my bathers & towel are well back from the edge of the balcony in case it rains again.  Fireworks go off again for about 10 minutes, upsetting a neighbours dog. No point going to bed yet. I remember to remove my contacts tonight. I look longingly at the bath, but me and baths in Bali just do not get along.

I jot a couple of things on my shopping list before I retire.  I leave the AC off overnight. Now I can hear the rumbles of jet engines from planes coming & going.  I’m tired enough that I don’t care & hit the sack.

Ciao for now,


PS: Autocorrect wants to call me Bogus babe. I’m a little affronted.

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