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Day 8: By the Pool

I woke up in the middle of the night with reflux. Karma from my rich meal last night? Luckily I brought some Nexium with me.  So a 2am trawl of the Internet was in order until the pill kicked in. I only slept for about 3 hours after that. It’s lucky I’m not doing anything this holiday because my sleep is not rejuvenating. I miss my own bed & my own pillows. My shoulder/arm is really sore too this morning. I remembered that I had packed some Arnica spray to help recovery from all the *cough* exercise I’d be doing so took some of that under the tongue & packed it in my handbag for later and actually remembered to take some later!
Next door had swiped the best lounger again. I took the one next to her. After my swim & hydro I was lying on the lounger reading when she came to sit down.  We had a nice chat – she & hubby live out my way. They’ve been coming to Bali for 35 years! She had some fascinating stories to tell & the time passed very quickly under our treed canopy. Such a delightful woman & her husband is a sweetheart too. Everyone has a story. I felt a bit ashamed for mentally berating her for nicking my lounger. I thank the universe for reminding me not to judge.
I spend the whole morning by the pool, chatting to other seniors who were all repeat customers & staying here for weeks. 
Today was the 1st day I saw a fly. Only a small one but it was annoying me to death with its stealthy landings on me every few seconds. I went back to my room to get serious. I had bought some mosquito repellant at Hardy’s the other day. The spray nozzle worked once before it died in the arse so now I had to catch the dribbles around the edges & wipe it on where I needed it. It smells nice, but I’ve no idea how toxic it is. Oh well, we all have to die of something. Fly beware! 
I ordered a burger to eat poolside, same as the other day but with egg added. It was yum. I spent the rest of the afternoon in & out of the pool & people watching. My shoulder was feeling a lot better by afternoon. I eventually got out when it clouded over & I got cold. Cold! In Bali! Can you believe it? I also discovered that afternoon tea was put on every day & I never knew! Doh!
A new French family arrived with a daughter in her early teens with legs up to her armpits. She’d make a great model. It was delightful to listen to them talking, not understanding a word but it didn’t matter. There was another French family staying here that had 2 young boys that swam like seals, if seals wore goggles. A few times one of them snuck up on me. Cheeky infant!
One girl who’d been here for a week with her 2 year old was playing in the pool with her, her daughter wearing inflatable water wings. She would wave to all the people on the loungers – her royal subjects. She was pretty well behaved for her age, apart from the occasional scream. Her Mum got distracted occasionally by other people or her phone, which had all the seniors on alert when the little one was still in the deep side of the pool. Me too, for that matter. I could hear the whispers…
I was feeling so lazy. And thankful that I’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather & was able to spend a whole day doing nothing more than getting in or out of the pool & lying on a pool lounger in dappled shade. Reading, blogging, catching up with Facebook & chatting to people as the mood hit. So lucky.
The arrival of the rowdy young boys reminded me that there is a price to pay for paradise. I retired to my room to shower & wash my hair which was a tad greasy from my massage yesterday. I lay on my bed for awhile researching Ubud restaurants & spas until it was time to get dressed for dinner.
In my super lazy state, I can’t be bothered venturing out. Off to the hotel restaurant I trot, with a quick glance at the turtle pond to see how they were faring.  I was about to sit down at a small table when lady with the wheelie & her hubby called me over to join them at a large table. We were the only patrons at the time. We discussed the menu as they were more familiar with it. I decided on home made chicken noodle soup followed by Nasi Goreng. I asked for it spicy. I got spicy. Brilliant.
I asked about the waiters at breakfast & lunch that looked like high school students. They are. On work experience. They get lunch, but work for free. They also have some of them doing cleaning & gardening.  The regular waitress told us her son was doing work experience in a restaurant in Kuta. But as a kitchen hand. 
As we are eating our entrées, my next door neighbours come in and joined us. It was a merry table with a lot of funny stories, including my battle with Bali baths. We all decided on banana pancakes with icecream & honey for dessert, so I didn’t feel quite as much of a glutton. I had to explain about the dessert stomach – you know, the extra one that can always fit in dessert no matter how full you might feel? Trust me, I’m a nurse! They laughed.
Wheelies husband offered to tee up one of the hotel drivers to take me to Ubud tomorrow. He said he knew which ones were good, so I accepted with thanks. I didn’t know who they were, just said hello as I passed them in the nicely parked car park on my way out to the correct road, declining their offer of transport.
Back in my room I was determined to finish my blog so I could have an early night but it didn’t quite pan out that way. Off to Ubud for 3 days tomorrow!

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