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Day 7: Back to Back

Awake with the birds again. I slept through the night without waking! It is a miracle. Alert the papers. Still stiff as a plank when I get up at though. Such is my life. 

I have a plan this morning. Chuck some clothes on & take my towel out to reserve my pool lounger. In case you are wondering, there are still vacant loungers available every day – I have yet to see them all taken. I’m not a pool lounger hog.
Dammit, foiled again! But this time she is on it as well! I walk past & say good morning, choosing a lounger under a patio umbrella a few seats along.
Off to breakfast for my usual fare.  I have a table for two to myself this morning.  A couple on another table are giving their American breakfast order, the guy monosyllabic, no please or thank you. I hate it when people assume servitude from hotel staff is their right. They are here to serve, yes. But they still deserve respect & good manners. Moron! 
I order my usual. I have learned to wait after I’m replete for the bill to be signed before leaving. Only taken me a week to learn!
I stop by reception on my way back to the room to enquire after my laundry which was supposed to be delivered last night. Yes, they have it. Someone will bring it down to my room.
Back in my room, the houseboys have already been, bless them.
It takes only a few minutes for housekeeping to arrive with a bag of neatly pressed clothes, including my undies. Unfortunately a rouched layered sundress was ironed to within an inch of its life & now looks very flat! Hehe. And my chocolate molten lava cake stain on my top has now been immortalised on it, dead centre.
I change into my bathers back in my room. My lounger is half in the sun half in the shade. I feel my skin slowly cooking. Into the pool I go. Hydro pool exercises performed. Sun is shining brightly as I lazily tread water in the deep end. 
Along the path comes wheelie frame lady. She stops for a chat, me in the pool, she sitting on her wheelie seat. She & her hubby are both from Melbourne & are 4 weeks into a 6 week stay here at Bumi Ayu. They’ve been coming here for years.  Somehow we got onto the subject of bathtubs, like you do! I told her of my experience earlier in the week. She reported that her hubby got stuck in one too & it took her ages to get him out. We both laughed. We’ve learned our lesson. Baths – 3, tourists – 0.
Creature of habit that I am, I want to have that molten lava cake again. After I shower & dress for lunch, I walk down correct road, turn left and walk up to Art Cafe & make a booking for tonight.  I thought I should book, seeing it’s a Saturday night. From there I cross the road & hail a taxi to drop me off outside of Hardy’s. I still have some Aussie dollars, so cash them in at the money changers. 10,000 Rp to the dollar today. That’s an easy conversion! I then cross the street tentatively – it’s so busy here, just when you think it’s clear a motorbike zooms past out of nowhere! I make it across with my life intact & climb the steps to the row of ATM machines. There’s about 5 in a row in A/C cubicles a bit like telephone boxes. I’ve no idea if there is one in particular I should be using, so pick one at random & get some Rp out of the machine. I make sure I take my card back, thanking the banking angels for not allowing it to be swallowed whole into the bowels of the ATM machine.
From here I walk back to the Three Monkeys restaurant. It’s not busy yet, so I take a seat at the front in a cushioned rattan chair as the menu is brought to me. Whilst reacquainting myself with the menu, I begin to get uncomfortable. The frame of the chair is digging into the sides of my thighs. Sitting on an additional cushion does not help. I stand up, getting the waiter’s attention & ask to move inside to sit on a different style of chair. No problem. He grabs my complimentary glass of water & the menus whilst I grab the cutlery & placemat. Ahhh, that’s better. I return my attention to the extensive menu & to my joy they still do a summer berry granita drink & pizza with chicken, sambal & young mango.
The waiter returns & I place my order. I reach down to my bag to grab a tissue & realise my bag is not beside me. OMG! Thankfully I can see it where I left it beside the rattan chair. With a racing heart of relief I rescue my bag & take it back to my new seat. Can you imagine if I’d lost it ? Phew!
More & more people take up residence in the rattan chairs, some venture in further. I’m thankful my granita is just as delicious as I remember. My keen sense of smell alerts me to the imminent arrival of my pizza. Yummy. It’s sooo good! Again I am delighted that my memory serves me well & not disappointed. Hang on a minute. I’m pretty sure last time you used to get some sort of dip with homemade crispy bread thingies. I refer to my old blog – yes I’m right. Another excellent restaurant tradition bites the dust. Whilst eating, a big furry dog (husky-like) wandered in & did a tour of the outside tables before being shooed out. Not a stray – he was wearing a collar. In fact I haven’t seen any stray dogs in Sanur.
I eat every mouthful of my pizza, which was presented on a chopping board. A swag of adults with prams walk in & sit down the back with their assorted children. I’ve finished my granita. I would like to see the dessert menu without actually having to throw myself under the waiters feet for attention. Mind you, there were only 2 waiters & they were working pretty hard. There were 3 guys behind the bar mainly standing around & singing to the soundtrack playing.
I ordered a sticky date cake with salted caramel sauce. And boy, was it salted! Wowser! So I was thirsty and ordered another granita as well. There was some seriously big koi floating around in a pool with a small walkway across it to get to the restaurant’s toilets. I stood watching them for a few minutes – on the way back, though. 
After my hearty lunch, I’m back out on the street looking for Jamu Wellness Centre. A helpful trip advisor critique said it was close to Swastika Bungalows which I know. I found the sign outside Villa Sanur Sayang. I stayed there last time I came to Sanur. A happy coincidence & auspicious I feel. The white house was half way done the entrance lane to the hotel. 
I left my shoes at the door & tried to open the wrong side of the double wooden door. That side did have the Open sign hanging on it so one can only presume. My rattling alerted the receptionist who invited me in. Lovely surrounds. I explained that I didn’t have an appointment but would like to have a massage if anyone is free. Sorry, we have no free bookings until 3pm. It’s nearly 2:30, so I ask if I can wait? I’m ushered to a comfy lounge chair & given a ginger tonic to drink & a cold towel to wipe my sweaty brow & face. The spa menu is brought to me & some of the treatments explained. Yikes, this place is more expensive than I anticipated. I was told there is 20% off on spa packages today. I thought what the heck, I’ll spoil myself. There was no way I was going anywhere near a bath, so I chose the 2 hour Jempiring package – a massage and facial. I’ve only ever had 2 facials in my life. One good experience, one bad. I was advised to have the tropical nut facial for all skin types. The other facial they do is for rejuvenation – she said it is for older people with wrinkles so I don’t need that one. I could have kissed her! Whilst waiting I filled out a questionnaire about my health. A male staff member came over & explained the pricing. There is an additional 12.5% tax, so I’m really getting 7.5% off. Oh well.
My therapist introduced herself to me & took me to the toilet. She has me pegged on short acquaintance, hasn’t she? It’s very echoey in the toilet, I discovered too late *blush*. I was then led into a room which had two large wooden massage tables with thickish separate mattresses. Against one wall stood a dresser with a basin & a big mirror above it. In the corner was a chair with a big bowl of water with petals in front of it. There was softly playing music -piano with seagulls or something in the background.  I was instructed to strip off everything & given some paper knickers, a sarong & a hair tie. I took a photo before changing. I couldn’t get the knickers up over my thighs. Great. I left my own undies on, I’m not brave enough to go commando, then shoved my bra in my bag & removed all my jewellery & pins from my bun & wrapped myself in the roomy sarong, but maybe not in that exact order.
The therapist returned to the room once I opened the door. I explained the knickers were too small & she apologised for not having a bigger size. Then she led me to the chair to soak my feet. She threw in some disinfecting crystals & then scrubbed my feet with what looked like table salt. After drying them she led me to the massage table & asked me to remove the sarong & lie face down, whilst she held up a sheet. I had to rearrange myself to get comfy, the ladies will know what I mean & the massage began. The Therapist (who will now be known as TT) wanted to know if I wanted it softer or stronger & said to tell her at anytime to change it.  She used a massage oil scented with lemongrass – it smelt heavenly. My shoulders & shoulder blades were very sore & she worked on them for ages after I asked for softer. Same said for my lower back which is often a problem. When it came time to roll over, it wasn’t pretty. Oh to be thin, agile & elegant! The massage continued, including my stomach & head. My hair was not pulled at any stage either. When the massage finished, I had to sit up a bit for the table to be arranged for the facial – not an easy feat. 
The facial was lovely, and an olfactory delight. With my eyes closed the whole time my sense of smell was heightened. I swear the second treatment TT used on me smelt like bacon! Then I could smell the cucumber she laid across my eyes. Another time I could smell honey, then an earthy smell which was the mask. Whilst waiting for the mask to dry, I received a feet & lower leg massage for about 10 minutes. I enjoyed that too.
The music had changed to typical Balinese tingklik (bamboo xylophone) & high pitched flute during the facial. Whilst my mask was drying, the Balinese music began to play a familiar song – the Christmas Carol ‘Mary’s Boy Child’. What the??? I couldn’t even smile when I wanted to laugh. It is one of my favourite Christmas Carols & an interesting choice for this type of album. 

TT had finished with my feet & came & washed off the face mask & applied a cream to finish. The only part I didn’t enjoy was the face slapping, more because it was unexpected rather than it actually hurting.

TT had to help me up. I’d laid on my back for well over an hour & it doesn’t like it. Once I was up I was fine. TT said I had a lot of tension in my lower back & shoulders. She said she had a man yesterday with the same issues except he kept yelling when it hurt. Well, he is a man. She laughed. I got dressed & was led back to the waiting area where some Kunyit Asam had been prepared for me – a tonic made from several varieties of turmeric, tamarind & herbs. It helps cleanse the blood & improve circulation, I was told. It tasted ok. 

Back outside in the street, I hail
a taxi & go back to the hotel. I’m a little oily but smelling fabulous. I need the loo but was not game to use the one at the spa before I left. Mission accomplished. I lay down & read for awhile before getting ready for dinner.
Tonight I thought I’d make a bit of an effort & put mascara on. At home I don’t leave the house without it on, but here I verge on feral. I am pleased that my nail polish is still looking good. I don a long summer dress & walk up the correct road to Art Cafe. I timed my walk from exiting the hotel carpark to the corner of correct road & main. It was a 5 minute penguin impersonation.
I’m given the same table as I had the previous evening. I can see a large table of seniors & realise they are Bumi Ayu guests. Fancy that.  I order the chicken samosas to start with followed by Chicken Kiev & chocolate molten lava cake. I also had the citrus & ginger spritzer again. All were excellent, though my lava cake had less lava inside than previously. And no spills.
Because I had a busier than usual afternoon I was up quite late blogging.  It was nearly 11:30pm before I settled for the night. Well it was Saturday night. A late night is allowed.

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  1. Anonymous

    day 7 already. your holiday is going too fast for me. the spa sounds wonderful and i must check out the hotel when i am next in sanur. once again i must tell you how much i enjoy your posts 🙂 Fran

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