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Day 5: Food, Glorious Food

I awoke even earlier this morning. I beat the birds! I lay in bed for awhile & watched Woman in Gold – a very enjoyable movie. Finally got up & went for breakfast, later than usual.
Served me right. The restaurant was chokkers. I had to share a large table with other 2 couples either end. One of those couples was the lady with the wheelie walker & her hubby. Their room is diagonal to mine & they take the pool loungers 2 up from mine.  I ordered my American breakfast.  I got another super sharp knife (not!) & even sharper fork (so not!) which enabled the piece of toast I was cutting to put up a valiant fight & when I finally cut through suddenly, my knife collected a mound of scrambled eggs & promptly swept them down my leg & onto the floor! Oh jeez, clumsy git! A waitress came over & picked up pieces of egg with several serviettes during my apology.
Then the lady next to me threw up her arm & a small gecko landed next to my plate & promptly hid under it. I lifted my plate & he took off across the table & disappeared under in somewhere. The lady apologised, explaining that it had landed on her arm & she threw it off out of instinct. I laughed & said no worries. If it had been a spider on the other hand, it would be a different tale. A loud screamy tale!  Then minutes later  a sliver of pineapple shot off my plate under the table. I’m not having a good day, I said. The lady next to me laughed & said to leave it there. No problems. There’s a gecko under there somewhere, so I am happy to leave it there.
After breakfast I returned to my room to grab a towel to buzz my pool lounge while I changed into my bathers.  I was fetching my bathers from the towel rack on my terrace when the lady with the wheelie & her hubby walked past. She apologised about the lizard again. I said I did a similar thing when a flower from an overhead tree fell onto me.
After a quick change, I settled on my saved lounge & started writing the previous day’s blog. Incidentally, I have to jot notes into my phone as things happen during the day, or I wouldn’t remember anything!
It is supposed to be cloudy today. It is still gorgeous & sunny so maybe they’ll roll in later. I have been blessed with the fabulous weather so far.  I jump into the pool – no I don’t! I use the handrail & lower myself gingerly down the steps. Funnily enough it occurred to me that I’ve spent more time at & in the pool now than I ever have on any previous trip. It’s never been a daily occurrence before. I guess with the number of seniors around the pool I feel less self conscious in my bathers than if I was staying somewhere young & trendy. I’m also getting a bit of colour from the less intense sun in the mornings, and it’s pleasant sitting under a tree.
So I’m in the pool doing my hydrotherapy exercises. I move to a shallower section so the water is just above waist height & start doing some squats. Way easier than doing them on dry land! Hopefully they’ll help loosen up my tight quads.  There are no kids at the pool this morning (can I say hallelujah without offending any parents out there?). Peaceful exercising in the pool. Bliss! Besides, if I don’t keep moving I get cold.
Semi dry now on the lounger for the past hour or so & it’s time for lunch. I can’t be bothered walking to a restaurant, so I go to the hotel’s one. There are no other guests there, just me. A waitress brings over the menu. I’ll try one of their pizzas & point to the one I want on the menu. I also ordered an iced lemon tea. My pizza arrived & looked yummy. Tastes nice too, however….lifting the cheese topping to inspect underneath, all I can see is mushrooms, onion, slivers of green beans, carrot & bean shoots! Where’s the ham & chicken? It seems the waitress thought I was pointing to the vegetarian pizza (pffft- as if!) & that’s what they cooked me. It was still nice so I continued to polish it off. Bean shoots, carrots & green beans. Who knew they tasted good on a pizza?! As I leave the restaurant I check in on the turtles. The biggest one is spread eagled over a rock, with his back legs splayed out in total repose. Just like some of seniors sun-baking by the pool!
I didn’t return to the pool – the rowdy kids were back. Instead, I watched a movie – The 2nd Best Marigold Hotel, which I loved. I love Maggie Smith & Judi Dench.  (Richard Gere ain’t bad either). And read for awhile until it was time to head out for dinner.
I did a little research online regarding restaurants not far away & decided to go to Art Cafe for dinner. A single traveller said he/she couldn’t get a table because they were on their own, according to Trip Advisor, so I had a back up plan just in case.
It has just gone 6 & the restaurant was already 3/4 full.  The maître d’ couldn’t have been more welcoming & let me choose where to sit between 3 tables. I chose one alongside the 1/2 wall so I could get the sea breeze.  He brought over the menu & I chose a strawberry & mint spritzer to drink, spring rolls as a starter & Chicken Kiev for main. 
The drink was amazing. Chock full of strawberries, mint & soda water in a pint sized glass. It came with a tiny jug of sugar syrup to add to your taste. I added some, of course. So refreshing. The waiter also brought over a cold towel to wipe my hands & a couple of pieces of complimentary garlic toast. Nice!
My entree was quite nice, still not as good as my hotel’s.  The Chicken Kiev was delicious, on a bed of mashed potato & whole baby green beans.
I nursed my drink for quite awhile before the waiter came back to ask if I wanted dessert. Bring it on! He brought the menu – sorry madam we have no Nougat Parfait this evening. Oh tragic! That means I’ll have to go with the chocolate molten lava cake then. It will be a 20 min wait though. I’ll wait. They weren’t trying to hurry me along, to free the table.
As I waited, they were turning people away as the restaurant was full, as was the bar where people say waiting for a table to free up. My dessert came & looked pretty darn good. I cut into the cake & it haemorrhaged hot chocolate sauce which flowed around the scoop of icecream to half way down the plate. OMG it tasted just as good as it looked. I’m in heaven! Crap, I’ve dribbled chocolate sauce down my top! I was doing so well! Anyway, I think I’ve found a new favourite restaurant! My 3 course meal & drink came to $18. Magic!
It was a very happy camper who
ambled home down the correct side street back to the hotel. Past a still bustling Warung. I remembered to stop by reception on my way in to ask for a laundry bag & list. No one was there. I’ll ring in the morning.
Back in my room I watched an episode of Sense8 on my phone & was about to turn out the light when I got new next door neighbours, masquerading as a troop of performing elephants. Talking loudly, scrapping chairs aplenty, banging stuff, you get the drift. So rather than go to bed, I watched another episode to drown out the noise. Hey the Indian bride in the Marigold Movie is the same actress as the Indian bride to be in this series. I marvel at the coincidence before retiring for the night. 
And I’m a brilliant next door neighbour by the way. I’m not a dragger of chairs & I barely utter a word. Quiet as a little mouse! 
Unless I see a spider.

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