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Day 4: Direction Corrections

Well, you all know how I slept. Needless to say, my body continues to reject lying on a normal mattress. Yep, 6am & wide awake. Stiff, sore back, hips & knees. You’d think my additional padding (aka my fat layer) would be adequate protection, but nooooo!  Up to the loo like the tin man in the mornings.

I brought my small foam roller with me. I intended to use it as a prelude to my exercise regime which *cough* I planned to do daily. So I take it out of my suitcase, lie it on the floor & roll my quads. Holy cow, it hurts like hell. I don’t use it for long – self-inflicted pain is not my fav. I’ll try again tomorrow.
My hair needs a wash. I’m thinking of going to a spa for a pedicure & hair creme bath today, so decide not to wash it. I put it up into a high topknot & get dressed for brekky. This morning I am served by a student. He forgot to bring me my fruit & tea, but I can live without both.  There are even more children in the restaurant today. Toddlers! Joy!
Back in my room I change into my bathers & claim my pool lounge. The one nearest my room under the canopy is now mine. Quiver in thy boots anyone who tries to lay claim before me!
Again it is beautiful morning. It’s not too hot, the sky is clear & the sun is shining. On me. I’m a smidge burnt from yesterday, so I especially remembered to spray my sun protection liberally before stepping out. I’m in the shade mostly, anyway.  I read, blog, get splashed by several young boys bombing each other. Aren’t children just so precious? Time for a swim and some sneaky hydrotherapy. I look like I’m sitting on a step just idly kicking my legs, but if you pay close attention, I am actually doing precise leg extensions under water. My shoulder is still sore from the bath incident. I was expecting it to be healing with my absence from the gym, but it feels worse than ever. 
Back to the pool lounge. There’s a wee sunbird again hovering over the flowers overhead. Such a pretty bird. When I was in my room earlier one kept flying up to the glass door for a few pecks. Not sure if he’s catching insects or seeing his reflection & courting himself. I have several hours by the pool before my rumbling stomach reminds me it’s lunchtime.
As I walk past the library/bale I spot several more bael fruit on a table. I’m seeing them everywhere now! I walk out of the hotel, say hello to the drivers hoping for a day fare & walk down the ‘correct’ road towards the main road. I decide to give Warung Bumi Ayu a try – a very unpretentious establishment near the corner. Water again to drink, which came in its plastic bottle & nil else. Ok, I can swig like the best of ’em. I ordered mie goreng after interrogating the waiter what meat it has in it – chicken only. Excellent! When it came, with its fried egg on top it was very tasty. A hint of chilli, would have liked more but I’m not keen on the bottled stuff which I could have added myself.  I then ordered a banana pancake, which was a mistake. I would have found room in my dessert stomach if it had been delicious but sadly it was rubbery, came unadorned so it was dry. You know how it goes….it was there so I ate it!
Turning out onto the main street, I was able to flag down a taxi easily.  I was going to Gong Leather to have a jacket made. I’ve never been there before & the driver didn’t know it. Both of us had our eyes peeled….taxi driver spotted it first. Oh no! It wasn’t open! Roller doors were down. Is the universe trying to tell me something? I redirected the taxi driver to Hardy’s. I wanted to go to Sanctuary Spa which Google Maps said was a few doors down the road. Hmmm. Couldn’t find it. I consult the GPS again – I should be standing right outside it. I check the website again – yes, no 67. Hang on…Jl Danau Buyan, I’d typed in Jl Danua Tamblingan. Doh! A quick recalibration & I see that the spa is miles away. Dammit! Guess that will wait for another day.
I go back into Hardy’s & top up my mobile credit & then into the supermarket. I ask for a hairbrush – they only have combs. A shower cap? Finished. 
I have become quite partial to iced lemon tea so scour the aisles looking for a bottled version. No such luck. I wonder if they sell pool noodles? I go upstairs to the variety store & ask for the pool toy section. Have you ever tried to describe a pool noodle to someone? Well it’s about this long, round like a tube but not hollow, made of foam so it floats….no? I could tell by the attendant’s face they hadn’t a clue what I was talking about. I thanked them & departed empty handed. I’m regretting forgetting to put a pool noodle on the list. My foam roller would float I’m sure, but I’d look ridiculous.
I wander into the DVD shop & found 4 movies I’d wanted to see but couldn’t find at home. No freebie DVD for me, you have to buy 10.
I hail a taxi to take me back to the hotel. Best 70c I ever spent. Well $1 really, I usually round it up. Back in my room I pop ‘The Gunman’ into the DVD player. Crap, it’s a cam copy. A crap cam copy.  I try ‘Taken 3’ – that too is a cam job, but clearer. They sound like they’re talking into coke bottles, but for the most I can understand them so I persist.  Not the greatest of movies unfortunately. Shame, because I quite enjoyed 1 & 2.
I really need to wash my putrid hair, seeing as though I didn’t get my creme bath.  I brought tiny Pantene shampoo & conditioner bottles (they made the list). With that comes tiny writing. Do I go out dripping wet to find my glasses or wing it & hope I’m using shampoo to start with? I told you I live dangerously, so I wing it. For once the Gods are smiling on me & I got it right.
I’m going to go to Mona Lisa’s for dinner tonight. I can walk there & remember noticing how close it was to the correct side street. I couldn’t remember if I have to turn left or right at the corner. Google Maps says left, so off I go. I pass the Arts Cafe – looks nice. Pass Cinnamon Restaurant – oh, they have a Legong dance tonight. I pass The Ducks Nutz. Hang on, have I gone too far? Google Maps says yes, I’ve passed it. It’s near the Arts Cafe. Bugger. Back I go. Hang on, it’s supposed to be here but it’s not. Damn you, Google Maps! I keep walking, cross the correct side street & find it about 5 doors down. Grrr! Google Maps – 2, me – 0.
It was busy but not completely full so they seated me without a reservation. I’m hot now. I get the occasional sea breeze which is a welcome relief. After perusing the menu, I order a glass of Two Islands Sav Blanc. I’ll start with their Lumpia & then try their chicken sate.
A complimentary make-it-yourself bruschetta is brought to my table. I smear the warm bread with what I initially thought was butter but it has an odd texture. A surreptitious lick of my knife & it is cream cheese (ew!). I scrape it off again & pile the bread with chopped tomato. Lovely. My wine is nicer than the one I had at Massimo (note to self). Out come my Lumpia, very prettily presented – cut in half on a diagonal & standing upright in an edible basket & decorated with thin fried noodles. A lady at the next table leaned over to ask what I had ordered. Lumpia, I said. Spring rolls, I explained after she looked at me blankly. Newbies. Though the Lumpia were nice, I enjoyed my hotel’s ones better.
Side bar: I declare that Bali has the bluntest knives in the world. Am I right? Don’t you love it when you’ve taken the time & effort to saw through your food only to have the precious morsel fly off your plate with the final cut?! Then have to pretend like it wasn’t you sending a flying Lumpia missile onto the next table! Who me? I saw it fly past, but no idea where it came from…?
The sate came lined up over hot coals in a small clay trough, served with rice & a bowl of dark peanut sauce. If the peanut sauce had some chilli in it, it would have been one of the best sates I’d ever had, & I’ve had a few! It was still nice, but could easily have been brilliant. It was let down also by the slightly over cooked rice. I declined to have any dessert.
The walk back to my hotel down the correct side road was accomplished in a jiff compared to my outward journey! I see that  Lilla Warung is packed, with a waiting line. I prefer my sate cooked, thanks all the same. 
Back in my room, I can hear a gamelan orchestra. I guess that Cinnamon is not that far from the hotel as the crow flies.  I read for a while before retiring for the night. Another day gone already, and so quickly.

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